Sean and his Marine Corps EOD team were working on one of the roads outside of Haqlaniyah, Iraq.  The team was called to a reported IED.  When the team took a closer look they discovered that the not-so-bright terrorists had planted an illumination round under the road instead of an explosive round.  The team had a good laugh and did not complain.

As Sean began searching for the other end of the command wire, the rest of the team was pulling security.  He disappeared around the other side of the compound that was next to the road.  There was a blown up car that had been sitting inside the compound wall for quite some time.  There was a T-intersection in front of the compound wall.  Sean discovered that the command wire stopped at a crack in the wall.  He set a charge against the wall and blew a hole right through it.

As Sean walked back to check on the hole in the wall, two of the Marines pulling security for him began to follow him down the narrow street.  He called them off and told them to stay back because he did not want them all bunched together in the event that something were to blow up, or if they were to take fire.

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