Part 3 – The Marine Corps offers up sacrificial lambs to appease the gods

INFIL Rant: I know this is SOFREP and we try our best to keep things SOF related. But as you can see, my stream of articles under the banner of “Battlefield America” have been all over the place. I wonder how long they will let me continue this before they tell me to take my rambles elsewhere, but until that happens, we carry on.

pissA top ranking Marine Corps legal advisor and the commandant, Gen. Amos, are named in an  official complaint to the Inspector General’s office in Washington. If for some reason you are unfamiliar with the incident that happened last January – Marine Snipers pissed on dead Taliban bodies and a subsequent shit-storm followed.

Here is the abbreviated version: A Marine Sniper team in Afghanistan urinates on dead Taliban; it was recorded on digital camera and uploaded to YouTube; world gets angry, 6 Marines get disciplined, 2 others are getting appropriate punishment; Amos doesn’t like that, wants to make example to please constituents in Washington; court-martial trial moved to Quantico with 3 star buddy; IG is called in to investigate.