Marine Raider Gunnery Sgt. Mario Madera-Rodriguez was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2017 death of a Green Beret in Mali.

He was also found guilty of hazing, making false official statements, and conspiracy charges ― but was found not guilty of felony murder, his most serious charge along with burglary. Though the jury did find him guilty of the lesser offense of “housebreaking.”

Madera-Rodriguez was sentenced to six months of confinement, a reduction in rank to private, and an additional 90 days of hard labor for his involvement in the death of Melgar. Unlike the other servicemembers involved in Melgar’s death, he will not receive a punitive discharge, i.e. either a bad conduct or a dishonorable discharge. Madera-Rodriguez will not forfeit any pay. 

The “hard labor” will be determined by Madera-Rodriguez’s command but could consist of just picking up trash, digging ditches, and mowing grass.

Madera-Rodriguez’s defense attorney, Colby Vokey, said to the Marine Corps Times that, “it was [an] appropriate and just sentence given GySgt Madera’s lesser role in the hazing and the whole incident.”

“It was also appropriate and just given his truly remarkable prior service and bravery in the line of duty,” Vokey said.

“GySgt Madera is grateful for the members’ attentiveness and attention to detail throughout the trial,” he added.

Madera-Rodriguez was the only one of the four to plead not guilty. The other three entered guilty pleas and received jail terms; they were expected to be called as witnesses for the prosecution. If Madera-Rodriguez had been convicted of the most serious crimes, he could have been sentenced to up to 27.5 years in prison.