A Marine Raider with the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC) graduated from the arduous French Commando “Moniteur” Training Course.

The Marine Critical Skills Operator (CSO)—a gunnery sergeant—was the first Marine Raider to attend the course, and also became the first American to receive the highest distinction of the course for his stellar performance.

“I did two weeks of review before departing for the course,” said the gunnery sergeant, who remains anonymous for operational security reasons, in an interview with DVIDS. “In the course information packet, there was a list of topics and knowledge that we would be covering in the course that we needed to be capable of effectively communicating. Knowing the content we would be covering made my language review easier and a lot more targeted.”

The French Commando “Moniteur” Training Course took place in Mont-Louis, France. It’s a 26-day training for junior officers and senior non-commissioned officers which focuses on combat infantry skills, survival methods, and special operations infiltration and extraction techniques.