A good belt is something that’s hard to settle on and with the vast array of options, styles and brands out there it’s hard to decide on what to get. Enter Mean Gene Leather, a small company that produces several high quality leather products too include holsters and magazine pouches, but their flagship products are definitely their belts. They offer a few different models but I opted for the Victory Aegis because of its sleek but robust design and overall versatility as an everyday accessory.

If you’re like me, you don’t like to look tactical when it comes to every day kit or attire; I generally stick to blue jeans and casual off brand shirts in darker tones. A good shooter’s belt is hard to find when it comes down to something that doesn’t scream tactical mall ninja, but is also stylish.Sso when I saw Mean Gene Leather for the first time, I was immediately interested in what they were offering. I’ve been wearing the Victory Aegis belt for over a year now and I literally have nothing bad to say about it. It was shipped out and I received it within a week of ordering. The stitching color/style plus all the specifics like length, buckle and leather color were chosen and made to my requested specifications. It’s incredibly functional and works well with whatever I’m wearing most of the time, but is also impressively durable. The pictures here were taken today and as you can see the belt has held up and still looks excellent.

The Aegis Victory belt retails for between $115-$145, depending on the customization options you choose when you order one. That’s a hefty price tag for a leather belt, but I definitely got what I paid for and regret nothing. The belt features two layers of top quality leather pressed together using adhesive compounds for added rigidity and form. It is available in three different wax-treated stitching patterns, I chose double black stitching, and the stitching can be one of several different colors. There are also several finishes and colors of leather to choose from as well, I went with Crazy Horse brown. The edges of the leather are friction-treated to create a smooth exterior finish and it closes up the exposed seams to produce a cleaner look overall. The buckle comes in bead blasted satin or a Cerakote-ed [sic] black finish like the one pictured that holds up to scratches abrasions exceptionally well. With all the options, selecting a setup that works for the individual is an easy task.

I seriously don’t have anything bad to say, it’s a great quality belt that has worked out excellent for me and I would definitely recommend the belt for everyday and/or tactical use. I usually try to come up with some cons to rant about when I do a gear review but the MGL belt has me scratching my head and shrugging my shoulders. It’s a damn good belt.