Sergeant Major Kyle Lamb is the man. He served in Special Operation, primarily Delta Force, for 15 years of his 21-year career. After leaving the military, he formed Viking Tactics or VTAC. VTAC is a training company that designs and even produces numerous pieces of gear. In the design realm, they team up with more prominent and established manufacturers to create the equipment they design. Once such team-up was between VTAC and 5.11 Tactical to produce the Operator Axe. 

The Operator Axe is based on a tool that Kyle carried on deployment. The instrument was an axe, a hammer, and a pry bar all in one. He took this tool and teamed up with 5.11 Tactical to produce a modern and heavier-duty design. This became the Operator Axe. The Operator Axe has 24 functions, and at its heart, it’s still the tool Kyle Lamb used during his deployments. 

The Operator Axe 

On the one end of the axe are the three basic tools that started it all. We have the axe head, the hammer, and the pry bar. The 21mm hammerhead is welded on the handle, but other than that, the Operator tool is made from a solid piece of billet stainless steel. It’s 7mms (over a quarter-inch) thick. The Operator Axe as a tool is designed to smash and crash through whatever is in your way. 

The other tools include metric and standard hex drivers, small and large socket drivers, and a ¼ inch bit driver. The handle is marked for measurements. At the very bottom of the tool is a sheet metal cutter that will slice through car doors, hoods, and trunks. The Operator Axe shoves as much versatility as it can into a 1 pound 10 ounce, 15 inches long tool. 

This tool is designed to get you in and out of bad situations. It’s made from stainless steel, which is more robust and better suited for implements like this. Stainless steel is less brittle and can take more abuse than carbon steel. It can be used to break down doors, smash and crash windows, and to cut through metal. Carbon steel can be sharper, but stainless is almost always tougher.

The Axe on Deployment 

The Operator Axe uses a heavily bearded axe head that turns a simple cutting and splitting tool into a versatile one. The hook the beard creates can help you climb; it can lift and pull things you may not want to touch; it can also be used to clear the glass out of a broken window for a dynamic entry.