SOFREP had a chance to sit down for an interview with former USMC Operator Michael Golembesky to discuss his new book, Level Zero Heroes. Read on and enjoy the conversation.

1. Hey Michael, good to see this project finally coming to fruition. Can you tell us about the main inspiration behind the book?

To share this story with the American people and the world. I have said it before, but it really just comes down to the promise I made to the guys on my Marine Special Operations Team. And that was if we make it through this deployment and we truly operate and demonstrate what makes this new entity, called MARSOC, great, I will write a story about it. And in the end, that is exactly what those guys did and more.

Someone was going to be the first one to write the first team-level story about MARSOC, so why not us? Our team just happened to have an amazing story to tell. Yes, it is still only one story among a sea of other great stories from the war in Afghanistan that will never see the light on day. But this is one story that will be told because I kept that promise. Level Zero Heroes—IS—the first page in MARSOC history, but it is only the beginning.

Photo by Patrick Dolphin

2. Imagine you could go back in time to the day you signed up at the recruiter’s office. Would your decisions and military job choices be different?

You know, that’s a tricky one. I am extremely grateful for how my 8 years in the Marine Corps went. I experienced a lot, met many great people and really have to say it was pure luck that I eventually made my way into MARSOC, then 2nd Battalion, Company G and finally ended up being assigned to Team 2. Looking back, if just one of those opportunities had not presented itself or if I had made another choice, all of this may not have happened and you wouldn’t be reading the book Level Zero Heroes. So the short answer is, no.

3. If there’s one take away you want the reader to walk away with after reading your book, what would it be?