Okay, so last month, I wrote an article about the hazards of going into retirement without being prepared. I was planning to get back to my previous article’s Part II when I started receiving messages from a couple of folks who read the retirement article and wanted more information. To me that is much more important than tracking the strategic plan of the Russian hierarchy, they can rest in place just like they are doing in Ukraine.

First and foremost, everyone needs to understand that there are many different challenges out there for folks to take a look at. The one that I signed up for was exactly what I needed to get me back on track, but that’s not to say that it would be right for everyone. I would recommend taking a look at several and then making a decision on what fits best. Just make sure that it is something that pushes your limits because that’s how you can get better.

The Deliberate Discomfort Challenge

The one that I signed up for is called The Deliberate Discomfort Challenge, and it is run by a company called Mission Six Zero (missionsixzero.com). From January to May, they start a new group every month on the 1st Monday, but check their website to make sure. You can find the Challenge page at challenge.deliberatediscomfort.com.

The Challenge is built around the book “Deliberate Discomfort,” written by retired SF officer Jason Van Camp, which gives everyone a great foundation to work from. You will read stories about amazing individuals, and there are videos to accompany the chapters. It’s a great way to see how strong a person can be in some of the worst circumstances.