MILSIM, or Military Simulation, is a word widely used nowadays in hobbies such as paintball and Airsoft. I am one of those MILSIM players who draw some much needed adrenaline out of it. I was WIA in Afghanistan and the only way I can find similar adrenaline rushes is by getting shot at with 6mm plastic BBs that fly at around 400-450 FPS.

While most soldiers in here will call me a “wannabe” because I love playing Airsoft, I am confident it sparks the interest of many to sign up and serve their country. Let’s take a few minutes here and remember when we were kids playing with plastic guns and running around the block pretending to be soldiers killing bad guys. It was cool, wasn’t it? Well, Airsoft is amongst one of the new generation’s way to play the same game.

Of course, Airsoft is restricted to players who are 18 years old and over, thus making it a bit hard to compare the old ways to the new, but let me tell you something – a lot of time and effort is dedicated by true MILSIM players to replicate the current and past world’s SOF teams.

For example, I run a team called Task Force Spartan that is based on a MARSOC impression. Most of our pictures are pixelated because of OPSEC issues for the soldiers and some LE officers. We don’t want to look “cool” by doing it but more like protecting the identity of our boys. Some of our pictures have been found on sketchy websites quite a few times, and we wish to not have our faces showed in there.