There are public claims by government officials in Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, and Romania that the Moskva, flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been sunk. Ukrainian officials are claiming the Guided Missile Cruiser was struck by two Neptune anti-ship missiles late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

Here is a tentative timeline of events as we understand them.

Thursday, 0100 hrs The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that a “fire” aboard the Cruiser had broken out after an ammunition explosion aboard the ship.

0105 hrs: Reports of an SOS signal in Morse Code was being sent by Moskva.

0114 hrs: According to radio messages from the Cruiser, a port-side list has developed and more explosions occur.

0147 hrs.: The ship has lost electrical power.

0207 hrs: A Turkish vessel responding to the SOS Turkey reports that the “Moskva” appears to be sinking and takes off 54 sailors of the Moskva’s crew.

0248 hrs: Turkish and Romanian authorities report the Cruiser has sunk.