In a video interview, the mother of Abu Tayeh claims that the Jordanian government gave him a promotion and a medal after he murdered three US Special Forces soldiers at King Faisal Air Base.  The Green Berets were stopped at the gate checkpoint outside the base where Abu Tayeh was in charge of running the guard rotation.  While his place of duty was with the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) elsewhere on the base, he was at the gate when the American soldiers arrived, supposedly to charge his radio battery.  Video footage of the killings released by the Jordanian government (after Tayeh’s trail, in which the footage was not shown) makes it clear that the murders were deliberate.  The Americans take cover, raise their hands, and shout in Arabic that they are Americans.  Abu Tayeh shoots, flanks around from the side, and guns down the soldiers down in cold blood.

In the below video interview, the mother of the shooter insists that her son is innocent and asks why the Jordanian government would give him a promotion and a medal after the killings if he was guilty of the crime.  The Jordanian government initially floated out several different cover stories to make it appear as if the American soldiers were to blame for their own deaths and that Abu Tayeh was just doing his job or had an accident.  One by one, those cover stories were exposed as lies.  However, Tayeh’s true motivations remain unclear.  According to one source, the FBI has analyzed Tayeh’s electronic devices and have not found a motive or any evidence of radicalization.

The Jordanian government has good cause to try to cover up the incident, as does the CIA.  The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is not nearly as stable as the government would have people believe.  Cities like Maan, where Abu Tayeh is from have a historical of radicalization and producing Jihadi foreign fighters, including the likes of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. With ISIS on its heels in Syria, there is some speculation that the terrorist group will next try to overthrow the Jordanian government.

As for the CIA, we quote a previous SOFREP article: