We pointed out in our recent SOFREP e-book (No Easy OP) analysis of the book No Easy Day, motive and incentive is the leash that often tugs people and organizations towards certain action. Why else would Mark Owen (Pseudonym) dismiss his confidentiality agreement, and cast in stone his persona non grata status from the SEAL community to rush his controversial book to market?

Motive in the Middle East

Iran has long been a state sponsor of terror. Who in the Middle East stands to lose the most if the western sponsored Arab Spring nudges, albeit slowly, Islamic states in the direction of democracy?  Iran is in the sights of Israel and it is likely they will soon feel the heel of an Israeli airstrike regardless of whether Washington approves or not. Weapons grade nuclear material in Iran is not an option Israel wants on the table, period.

Smoke and Mirrors

An obscure movie and 9-11 are great cover fire for well planned and coordinated attacks around the globe sponsored by Iran.  Most media picked up that it was more than an angry mob in Benghazi. After all, angry mobs don’t come trained and equipped with well-aimed mortar fire, the same that killed our SOF brothers as they fought like heroes until their last breath.

Some are not happy that the seeds of democracy have produced the likes of the Muslim Brothers, free choice sometimes produces undesirable results and that’s the beautiful thing about democracy.