Did you hear?

A Czech and a Romanian brigade will join the German army.

No, this isn’t the Fourth Reich coming to get you.  It’s the birth of a common European Army—or at least some believe so.

Considered as Germany’s crack unit, the Rapid Forces Division, which is comprised of airborne light infantry, special operations troops (the famed KSK commandos are part of it), and organic attack (Eurocopter Tigers) and transport (NH90) helicopters, will open its arms to the Romanian 81st Mechanized Brigade.

The Romanians won’t be the Division’s first foreigners.

In 2014, the Dutch 11th Airmobile Brigade made the start.  As an airborne light infantry unit, the Dutch addition made operational sense.

But the Romanians are a different story.  They’ve got the big stuff—tanks.

The Czech 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade, a veteran of Kosovo and Afghanistan, will join the German 10th Armored Division.