My memoir, “Murphy’s Law: My Journey from Army Ranger and Green Beret to Investigative Journalist” releases as an audiobook on April 23rd. The book is also available in hardcover later this month.

I decided I wanted to be the one to narrate the audiobook edition.  It’s my story, so it only makes sense that you hear it from me—or so is my thinking on this subject. We recorded the book at a studio in Manhattan over the course of three days, then did an additional day of pickups a few weeks later.  It was an interesting experience.  I also did some ad hoc updates for the audiobook even though the text isn’t actually in the manuscript.

The publisher describes “Murphy’s Law” this way:

“In this gripping military memoir, Murphy recounts the multiple missions he underwent as a Ranger, a Special Forces weapons sergeant, and ultimately, a boots-on-the-ground journalist. From enemy ambushes, dodging explosives, crashing terrorists’ weddings, and landing helicopters in the streets of Mosul, Jack provides a hard-hitting glimpse of what combat is like in some of the world’s most dangerous, war-torn places. With tours of duty in two of the most decorated units of the armed forces, Murphy brings a unique perspective to the military genre as he reflects on his great triumphs and shattering failures both on and off the battlefield.”

A lot of people have been asking me about the audiobook, so here it is, available for pre-order:

If you’re interested in a hardcover of the book, please take a look at the publisher’s website.