“This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any land you know about…”—Rudyard Kipling

Ask the average American 8th grader (I did in a class I substitute teach for), and most won’t be able to tell you where Burma was, or that it is now called Myanmar. And we are not just picking on the kids, either. I recently asked a group of adults (ages ranged from 23 to 39) about the nation, and no kidding, the only answer I got back was, “Oh wait! Isn’t that the country that Rambo ripped up in the movie remake?” The sigh that I let out hopefully expressed how much I wanted to suplex the guy who said it into the queso dip.

Given this info, it stands to reason that with much of the world’s media focused on ISIS, Bruce Jenner, and the Jade Helm/Walmart world-takeover plot, the ongoing ‘small war’ between Myanmar and their much larger neighbor, China, has escaped our collective attention. Hopefully, this three-part article, co-authored with SOFREP member YankeePapa, will help to remedy that.

With this series, we will look at the history of Myanmar, the country’s little-known conflict with China, and the present/future dynamic that could have a lasting effect on the region.

“Fighting has ramped up in recent weeks between government troops and the MNDAA, who are fighting along Myanmar’s border with China under ethnic Chinese leader Peng Jiasheng to reclaim the Kokang region, which they had controlled until 2009.

Ethnic Kokang lawmaker Kyaw Ni Naing, who represents the regional capital Laukkai, told RFA on Friday that of more than 100,000 refugees who have fled across the border to China’s Yunnan province since the fighting began in February, around 60,000 refugees remain in camps there.

The fighting has also spilled across the border in recent months, with several bombs mistakenly dropped by Myanmar’s air force on Chinese soil, killing Chinese civilians and raising tensions between Naypyidaw and Beijing…”—Radio Free Asia


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