Aviation and Special Operations go hand-in-hand. Whether it is rotary-wing or fixed-wing, SOF units have been using SOF aircraft to increase their effectiveness and lethality. Recognizing the lack of a dedicated SOF aviation program, NATO has decided to launch a training facility that aims to bring together the Alliance’s elite aviation units for training.

The Multinational Special Aviation Programme (MSAP) was launched earlier this month by Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia. It will be open, however, to all NATO members and partners.

During the opening ceremony, NATO’s Assistant Secretary-General for Defence Investment Camille Grand said that “The Multinational Special Aviation Programme epitomizes what NATO stands for – Allies achieving more together than they ever could individually. By committing to training the next generation of Special Operations Forces aviation crews in one place, you – the participants – are laying the foundations for ever more seamless joint operations.”

The location of the facility allows for a wide range of environmental training since it’s located near the Adriatic Sea, with its numerous islands, but also close to numerous mountain ranges.