It’s time we strap in and attempt to make sense of the chaos that continues to unfold in Eastern Europe.

The latest headlines scream of the shifty Wagner leader, Russian boots on Ukrainian soil, and the specter of Putin imploding like a small submersible on the Titanic.

As the situation spirals, it’s time we discuss a pressing question: Is a fresh influx of cluster bombs to Ukraine the answer, or do we need to rethink our approach?

flag of Ukraine
An abstract interpretation of the flag of Ukraine. Original art by SOFREP

There’s a danger in viewing the conflict through the narrow lens of militaristic might, a narrative we’re all too familiar with as the hogs in Washington slopped up campaign donations from Defense companies while they wasted Billions of US taxpayer money in Afghanistan.

This isn’t a call for pacifism but rather a call for common sense. The strategic SEAL within us might clamor for the immediate deployment of explosive enforcers, but before we arm Ukraine with another batch of cluster bombs, let’s pause and consider the bigger picture.

History, our most ruthless teacher, has a track record of punishing those who overlook the importance of diplomacy and leadership.

It’s not the weapon count that determines the outcome but the ability to navigate the stormy seas of conflict with the precision and tact of a sniper.

This is where diplomacy and effective leadership come into play, something that is rare in Washington these days.