I just learned about this moments ago… With a heavy heart, I’m sad to report that a Navy SEAL who was participating in training operations with his fellow SEALs went missing last Friday. As of February 25th, he is missing and presumed deceased after massive search and rescue operations have failed to recover the man. The sailor is yet to be identified, but is said to be a 34-year-old Petty Officer – 1st Class with the SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 1 (SDV1) out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

According to the Navy, the man was part of a 10-man SEAL element conducting training using two rigid-hull inflatable boats (also known as RHIBs), when he became separated from the element just off the coast of Kaena Point, Hawaii. For three days, the Coast Guard, Fire Department, Navy and Marine Corps used airplanes, cutters, and other small boats to cover an area of almost 24,000 square miles to search for the missing man.

In a unit always at war, there is no such thing as a training casualty.” – anonymous special operations soldier