The Navy SEAL Museum’s Trident House Charities Program has successfully donated education funds to children in the Special Operations community for the sixth year in a row. To accomplish this feat, it partnered with the Marlee Foundation and for the first time this year, Trident Tuition Funds joined the fray. Together, they were able to raise $150,000, allowing each applicant to receive some amount of money. The size of the award to each applicant was determined by GPA, extra-curricular activities, accomplishments, community service, and financial need.

The Navy SEAL Museum was founded in 1985, in Fort Pierce, Florida. While Navy SEALs do not work or train in Fort Pierce, FL, the original combat swimmers, who earned the nickname “Frogmen,” used to train on the grounds. The Navy SEAL community traces its lineage back to these original warriors.

The museum stayed a secret for many years and did not gain national notoriety until 2007. The museum’s goal is to exhibit the history of the SEAL Teams and provide a way for people to become informed about the training and missions SEALs go through and the risks and sacrifices they have had to make.

The Trident House Charities Program carries out the mission that the museum truly believes in: Helping Naval Special Warfare operators and their families. The Trident House has four main components: The Trident House itself; the scholarship program for children of Special Operators; the K9 Project that helps take care of working dogs; and the Direct Family Support, to provide further financial support to families in need.

The Trident House Charities Program is propped up by generous contributions from those who want to help Special Operations veterans, Active duty Special Operators, and families who lost a loved one in the line of duty.

The Marlee Foundation has a similar mission to the Trident House Charities Program, raising funds for veterans, their families, and service animals.

Trident Tuition Funds is a new program, which was instituted for the 2020-2021 academic school year. Trident Tuition’s goal is to provide funding for children of the Naval Special Warfare community to go to private preschool, kindergarten, and through 12th grade, and also to assist with college expenses. Trident Tuition Fund was set in place to help families experiencing financial hardship.

By teaming up with the Trident House Charities Program, the Marlee Foundation, and the Trident Tuition Funds Program, the Navy SEAL Museum has had the unique ability to give back to those it recognizes in its halls. The museum remembers the past and values the future of Naval Special Warfare and the Special Operations community.