Ahhh, Internet shaming. Cyber justice. Condemning with the virtual scarlet letter. We all love it, don’t we? It makes us feel so good, and is in keeping with the relatively long tradition of airing our elected leaders’ dirty laundry whenever we can, so that we can provide a salve to our collective consciousness and moral self-uprightness.

After all, do not we love to hear about a politician’s latest affair; or bout with drug addiction; or details of his illegitimate love child, whom he has hidden away for years in his home district, out of sight? Are we not entertained?

Even our pets are not safe from public shaming and heaps of cyber abuse. Damn you, dog!

It seems the Navy SEALs are no strangers to it either, not surprisingly. In this edition of the Navy SEAL News Roundup, we are provided the story of one Brad Nagel, yes, a former SEAL, and (likely) former staffer for Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign. Nagel, it was revealed in an article in The Daily Beast—horrors—posted ridiculous and outlandish memes about President Obama, Muslim women, and Mexicans on his Facebook page.

Now, do not take this edition of the Roundup as a wholesale defense of Brad’s posts. I admit, I know him, and he has always seemed like a good guy to me. I honestly have not read all the posts, and do not know what all they say. If they are as grossly inappropriate as reported, then I am sure I disapprove of their content. God knows, I do not want to be on the wrong side of the shaming brigade.

I do not agree, however, with the principle of public shaming. I am reminded of glass houses, throwing stones, eyes jammed with logs and specks, and many other admonitions to judge not others lest I shall be judged. I mean, seriously, there but for the grace of God go I. There is something bullying, shameful, and degrading about public shaming, all of which makes me extremely uncomfortable in jumping on the proverbial bandwagon when it does occur. It feels like a witch trial, oftentimes.