SOFREP sources at US SOCOM say this is extremely unlikely. However, it appears the usual suspects are hitting the SEAL crack pipe for another quick SEAL fix, only this time they’ve been sold bad junk.

“There have been units operating in south America for some time now but the SEALs  doing this (by themselves) does not add up and I’ve heard nothing on this.”-Anonymous US SOCOM SEAL Source Says.

Update: The Proceso originally broke the story here.


In all fairness to Wired and the other lambs, the Pentagon is possibly leaking garbage to cover down on previous embarrassing leaks of the real kind. Report enough fake leaks and it makes for nice cover fire during increasing scrutiny over leaks of late. I’d be careful sourcing your Intel these days folks or you’ll wind up hunting on the Duffel Blog for all your breaking news, and maybe kill yourself for false reporting like this Wired journalist.

Does SOFREP know which units are down south? We have an idea. Look for Jack Murphy’s in depth analysis on this story coming later today.