Unknown to the pirates, the SEAL Snipers Infra Red (IR) lasers were trained on the three Somali pirates who would within seconds take their last breath in this life.  The three shots fired by the snipers broke in simultaneous harmony; You could faintly hear the quiet muffled sounds of the reports from the suppressed SR-25 weapons over the humming sound of the US warship.  Three less pirates to worry about…..

Fourteen hours prior to these shots, several highly trained SEAL snipers were mustering at a secret compound on the east coast of the United States.  They had responded within 30 minutes to a special encrypted text message alert.  Not knowing the nature of the alert, they were now getting briefed on the situation.  A US Shipping Captain, Captain Phillips of the Maersk Alabama, had been taken hostage hours ago, aboard one of the Maersk’s life boats, and was being held at gunpoint for ransom.

Somalia has long been a hot bed of piracy and the trend is increasing into the new century.  As you read this, dozens of ships lay off the coast, and huge sums of money are being negotiated for the release of both ship and crew.

SOFREP Somalia Navy SEALs