In an investigation into artwork of a suspicious origin, a treasure trove of Nazi memorabilia was recently discovered in Buenos Aires. Among the collection, which ranged from artwork such as busts of Hitler to swastika emblazoned harmonicas from youth programs, were pieces that indicated access to the highest levels of nazi leadership. One specific piece was a swastika-etched magnifying glass, with photographic negatives showing Adolf Hitler holding it. It’s a small reminder to a time when war criminals lived freely until 1960 when Adolf Eichmann was abducted by Mossad agents and brought to Israel to stand trial.

The exodus of Nazi war criminals to South America, often taught as a footnote to history, if mentioned at all; was not by happenstance. High-ranking SS officers lived in Argentina in close proximity, even organizing Nazi social clubs and theaters. Argentinian President Juan Perón, the last man standing after several coups, was on friendly terms with the Nazi officials before and after the war. His government even arranged Nazi meetings for its new citizens.

As insane as it sounds, the question of how much it actually resembled “The Boys from Brazil” may be answered from this investigation.