In this modern era of digital communications, every military branch has been working tirelessly to find ways to keep up with the ever-changing trends brought about by social media. From barring fitness trackers and apps that share service member’s locations, to highly publicized embarrassments like the “Marines United” group sharing nude photos of female service members without their knowledge, social media continues to create headaches for senior leadership throughout America’s defense apparatus. Now, with the 2020 election season about to kick off, the Marine Corps has issued a new guidance meant to eliminate some of the ambiguity in social media protocol for active duty Marines.

In a new MARADMIN released this week, the Marine Corps laid out acceptable behaviors for politically minded Marines leading up to the election, spelling out some particulars that are sure to ruffle a few feathers.

While the Marine Corps expressly states that Marines are authorized to share their political views on social media, there are a number of limitations regarding how they’re allowed to go about it. Posts on social media expressing support for a candidate are supposed to “clearly and prominently state” that the views expressed are not representative of the service or unit the Marine belongs. As importantly, Marines are not permitted to post links to political parties, candidates, or their own respective social media pages whatsoever.

“Because an active duty member may not engage in partisan political activity, the active duty member may not post or make direct links to a political party, partisan political candidate, campaign, group, or cause; such activity is akin to distributing literature on behalf of those entities, which is prohibited by reference (a). Such activity is akin to distributing literature on behalf of those entities, which is prohibited.”