The sound bite couldn’t be throttled as it echoed through the internet streams from The View co-host Joy Behar, “Let me say something about Joe Biden. According to what I’m observing, the economy is booming, inflation is down, the stock market is doing well, people are having an easier time putting bread on the table, et cetra. He doesn’t seem to be getting the credit for that, only 41 percent approval.”

The average price of those sliced pieces of baked wheat flour at this moment is $1.93, depending on where your research information is derived. Something like Wonder Bread is $3.79 at my local Jay C Food Store. In 2016, the average price for a loaf was $1.80. That might be a drop in the bucket for some, but when you’ve got mouths to feed, and the cost of every item lining the metal shelves of your local grocery store has increased, in some cases doubled in price, that grocery store outing starts to devour a working person’s funds.

An American family in a grocery store
An American family is stunned at the seemingly ever-increasing prices of groceries. Original art by SOFREP.

Between 1997 and 2023, bread has had an inflation rate of 3.37% per year.


Earning $7 million a year to talk, the bread Joy places in her mouth probably tastes a lot different than the bread folks eat where I’m from. Born and raised in flyover country, sadly, I know my people, the knuckle draggers of the Midwest, or maybe the deplorables, are probably the demography that tunes into her show 5 days a week and gives her a viewership.

All I can ask Joy Behar is, what planet are you living on?

Oh yeah, the entitled one.

The bottom line, inflation has been sizzling above the average for the last quarter century. Numbers are lower than the peak in 2022 of 9.1%, but prices are still off the charts.