What I really love about America, is that when the citizens of this country are fed up, and really had enough with something, our system of government, albeit not perfect, still allows the people to rise up and affect change. Like it or not, Trump winning was this in action and there was nothing career politicians and the mainstream media could do about it at the end of the day.

The problem in the U.S. is the extreme bias of the mainstream press, especially the liberal press. That bias was forced to the surface with violence, at the thought of someone like Trump rocking the system. Not only did he shock the Republican party to look in the mirror and reflect, he shocked the entire media system, conservative and liberal both, and they hated him for it. And in the end, it didn’t fucking matter.

New York Times: “Hillary has an 85% chance to win”

Right up to the point that she didn’t win, MSNBC, CNN, the Post, all them were calling it for HRC.

How did the polls and the New York Times get it so wrong? Answer: because they weren’t after calling a fair match, that’s why. When you want a certain outcome, and poll a certain way to get the results you want, expect to be let down by reality now and then. In the past, polls, like the media, have been used to influence and sway public opinion. What changed the game? The Internet.

A good lesson for all of us is to be cautious of who’s telling the story, their background, and bias. Make grounded decisions based on facts and people’s accomplishments, not bullshit. What I love about SOFREP is that Jack lets our writers (all former military) write it as they see it. We don’t push them a certain way, and that means something these days.

No surprise Peter Thiel got what was happening this election, and did what he did even though it was unpopular within the Silicon Valley community.

I was amazed at how much effort the liberal press (and SNL) put into making Trump a monster, some even comparing him to Hitler.

Image courtesy of NBC and SNL
Image courtesy of NBC and SNL

They spread this message far and wide across the EU as well. I visited over seven countries in Europe this summer, and the Trump monster was all people talked about, well, that and Brexit. When I was allowed to have an intelligent conversation about the topic, people’s eyes would light up at the idea that the situation was not as dire as the media was making it out to be. I’ll leave it at that, because believe me, I could go on about those conversations I had, some were downright hilarious. Maybe I’ll save it for the SOFREP podcast