Trump Goes There:

For a man who has been engulfed this week in the political equivalent of a category-five hurricane, Donald Trump is in remarkably good shape. He has been reviled around the globe, labelled a fascist, accused by Hillary Clinton of aiding terrorists, and even inspired a British rebellion; yet apart from a hoarse voice he has emerged appearing utterly unscathed.

“We’ve had a pretty interesting couple of days,” he tells a roomful of New England police officers who have come to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to endorse him for U.S. president. He repays the favor by praising their “beauty” – an interesting word to apply to cops – and calls them “some of the greatest people I know.”

He has taken some heat for his remarks on Monday, he tells the crowd, alluding to his call for a “total and complete shutdown” of U.S. borders to all Muslims seeking entry. “Unbelievable…incredible heat,” he says.

It’s been quite a week for The Donald. After floating a proposal earlier this week to close the borders to all Muslims, the mother of all media shitstorms erupted in a fury.

The condemnation swept around the globe like a massive tsunami. Fierce, fiery condemnation was hurled from politicians on every side of the spectrum. Hashtags were launched. Invective was inveighed! PETITIONS WERE SIGNED! The wailing of thousands of voices, the wringing of millions of hands, the gnashing of a billion teeth, all synchronized together, climbing and colliding through the heavens, a thrashing maelstrom shooting into the void of space, creating a veritable cosmic cacophony that reached the very ear of the creator himself!

Whew. Look, what say we all calm the fuck down, and let’s discuss this like men. MEN, DAMMIT. For that is what we are. We are (or should be) serious men, and these are serious times. We are not a country that runs on Facebook “likes” or Twitter “follows,” although the day grows ever closer. We are not a country that is run by and for the approval of bespectacled leftist zeta-male pajama-boy journalists, as much as they would have us believe that. No, we are a country that is faced with a war against a global ideology that can blend in anywhere and strike from anywhere, hiding behind a veneer of respectability that any enemy would envy. We cannot detect it until it’s too late; it can be living amongst us in the form of man or woman, and it just left 14 Americans dying in puddles of blood. Perhaps it’s time we started acting accordingly instead of wetting our panties every times someone says something “mean.”