What an idiot:

A high-ranking Army general based in Italy has been suspended after accusations he sent illicit Facebook messages to an enlisted soldier’s wife, calling her “HOTTIE.”

The Pentagon is now probing Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington, who oversees Army operations in Africa from a base in northern Italy, USA Today first reported.

He allegedly sent the unnamed woman — whose husband is not under Harrington’s command — a range of messages though social media, and at one point encouraged her to delete them.

“U can be my nurse,” the two-star general told the woman, according to messages reviewed by USA Today.

“I’d enjoy being in a tent with U,” he said.

The pair started exchanging friendly and business-related messages after they met at the gym, the woman told USA Today.

She became concerned when the married general started telling her she was “looking good for sure.”

The woman, who was born in Europe, replied that her husband was asleep and they’d had a fight, according to the newspaper.

“I’m sorry! Make up se…x is fun,” he wrote back…

…”I hope u delete this exchange!” he said.”

I continually stand in awe of the spectacle of older, accomplished men who completely throw their entire career face down in the shitter for activities that… well, aren’t even really that sexy. Of course, my man Carlos Danger (he will always be Carlos to me,) is the gold standard of dudes fucking up their lives over not-sex, but this seems  to be spreading faster and wider than I ever thought possible. Think about it: at least in a sex scandal, you ACTUALLY GOT TO HAVE SEX. This sexting thing doesn’t even close the deal. Unless the good General was doing this with his pants off, which, now that I think about it, is probable. But again, not really the sexually graphic stuff that would imply there was some self-pleasuring taking place.

So it doesn’t really rate that high as far as true sexting is concerned. But what elevates the total stupidity is that the guy is a friggin’ general, and the wife in question is married to a goddamn enlisted soldier under his command. Let me help you out, all of you generals who like to party out there: UNDER ZERO CIRCUMSTANCES should you be sending text messages to the wife of an enlisted soldier. Not to say hello, not to inquire about the family, and absolutely not to even mention the word “sex.”

The dude comes off like a damn idiot. Is it too much to ask for any older man, much less a general in the United States armed forces, to comport themselves with just a sliver of dignity? How many of these harassment stories involving doofus officers have we covered here over the years? Frankly, it’s undignified for an older man to be texting in excess in the first place. Who are these people who can sit there and text for hours? It seems like a ton of work to me. I totally get texting an address or some other exchange that requires some information that may need to be referenced later, but this thing where people wanna talk about their entire day is a no-go for me. I type shittily enough as it is; I’m not writing a novel to you describing my burrito. And then, look at the way he texts. He actually uses the “U” in place of “you” which makes him sound like some high school girl or something. Come on, man. And “HOTTIE” in all caps? Yikes.

It seems as if people still haven’t caught the clue that all text message conversations can be screen-shotted and saved for eternity. And yet they still willingly type in information that can destroy marriages and careers into their screen that will be forever accessible. The lesson here is if you are going to say something stupid, make a phone call instead of texting, ya dummies. Cheaters/stalkers/ harassers aren’t the only ones who go the stupid route. Criminals now do this idiotic stuff also. See the story later in the roundup of the military equipment black market guy. The moron laid out his own criminal conspiracy because he conducted his business by text message, which the phone company can print out at any time. Between guys like that and the dudes who wave guns and stacks of cash all over Facebook live bragging about their crimes, all police have to do is watch Snapchat, Facebook live, Twitter, and all the rest and it’s an easy day.

Honestly, if you are a criminal now and just stay off social media, you’ll probably never get caught.

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You’re in a heap ‘o trouble, son:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A military equipment dealer was convicted Thursday of scheming with soldiers at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to steal sensitive material for sale to buyers in Russia, China and Mexico.

John Roberts, of Clarksville, Tennessee, was found guilty of conspiracy to steal and sell government property, two counts of violating the Arms Export Control Act and 10 counts of wire fraud. Prosecutors said he faces up to five years in prison for conspiracy and up to 20 years for each count of arms export violations and wire fraud.

More than $1 million in weapons parts, body armor, helmets, gun sights and other equipment was stolen and sold in a vast black market, prosecutors said. Six soldiers and another civilian pleaded guilty. One testified that Roberts was given a tour of the base to see items to be stolen. Eventually, they brought equipment back from Afghanistan and sold it by the truckload.

Roberts, 27, testified that he did not know the soldiers were bringing him stolen equipment. He said the items he bought and sold were commonly found in surplus stores, gun stores and on eBay.

But prosecutors said Roberts knowingly made hundreds of thousands of dollars supplying a vast black market for years, and his own text messages with the soldiers and others involved proved he led the conspiracy.”

Some Hurricane Harvey statistics:

(Reuters) – Rescuers pressed their search for survivors on Friday in areas still flooded a week after Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas. Here are the some of the numbers from one of the biggest natural disasters to hit the United States.

* More than 1 million people displaced.

* Record rainfall: 51.88 inches at Cedar Bayou, Texas, in just under five days.

* More than 250 shelters housing some 32,000 people.”

* 14,000 National Guard mobilized.

* 21,000 federal workers mobilized.

* Federal disaster declarations in 33 Texas counties and five Louisiana parishes.

* In Texas: 779,000 mandatory evacuations; 980,000 voluntary evacuations.”

* In Louisiana: 7,000 mandatory evacuations; 133,000 voluntary evacuations.

* Estimates of 911 calls coming in were as high as 900 per hour at one point.

* 440,000 Texans have registered for FEMA assistance so far.

* FEMA has approved $79 million in disaster assistance so far.

 * About a quarter of U.S. refining capacity shut.

* U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry approved the release of up to 4.5 million barrels of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in response to the impact from Harvey.

* The national average for a gallon of gasoline has risen to $2.519, its highest level since August 2015.

* Moody’s Analytics estimated the economic cost for southeastern Texas at $51 billion to $75 billion.”

I want this to be true so bad:

A secret US base in Ohio hides living and dead aliens from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, according to a retired Air Force engineer who worked there for 39 years.

Raymond Szymanksi says aliens from the infamous crash were bought to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) in Dayton, Ohio for inspection.

He said a mentor told him about a system of tunnels that house living and deceased extra-terrestrial beings.

Szymanski claims his mentor at the facility once asked him, ‘Have you heard about our aliens?’, according to The Sun.

Speaking to the Sun Online, he said: ‘During my first week, Al provided me with some totally unexpected and unsolicited sage advice.

‘He said that in 1947 there was a crash down in Roswell and they brought the machines and the aliens here for inspection and said they keep them in secret tunnels under the base.’

The town of Roswell in New Mexico became infamous after reports that a flying saucer had crashed in the desert near a military base there on or around July 2, 1947.”

Soldier missing off coast of Yemen declared dead:

Sept. 2 (UPI) — The U.S. Defense Department announced the death of a soldier who went missing after a helicopter crash in Yemen.

The soldier, identified as Staff Sgt. Emil Rivera-Lopez, was declared dead on Friday after his status had previously been listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown.

Rivera-Lopez went missing when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed about 20 miles of the coast of Yemen during a training accident Aug. 25.

Five U.S. service members onboard the aircraft were rescued after the crash, but Rivera-Lopez remained missing.

The Army Times reported the 31-year-old Rivera-Lopez hailed from San Juan, P.R., and had been awarded nine commendations since joining the Army in July 2006.”

I don’t think he’s going to tell you that:


He’s not even hot:

L’Oreal has sacked its first transgender model after claims she posted racist comments online.

Munroe Bergdorf reportedly wrote “all white people” are racist in a Facebook post.

The cosmetics company says her comments “are at odds” with their values and has now ended its partnership with her.

The model has since responded, writing online: “Just know that in tearing me down, you are proving everything that I said to be true”.

Munroe Bergdorf, who is from London, was labelled “the face of modern diversity” when she was recruited as part of L’Oreal’s #allworthit campaign.

Shortly afterwards it’s claimed the 29-year-old wrote online: “Honestly I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people.

“Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.

“Your entire existence is drenched in racism.”

The comments have since been deleted.”

This is not the recommended course of action: 

Wrong place/Wrong time or something more sinister?:

NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA.com) – A San Bernardino County prosecutor in the midst of a gang-murder trial was bloodied and beaten into unconsciousness Thursday while on a morning jog in Newport Beach.

Investigators are working to determine whether the assault, which occurred around 6 a.m. at Bob Henry Park near East 16th Street and Dover Drive, was related to her job.

According to Newport Beach police, the woman was running along 16th Street when the suspect approached her from behind and attacked her.

Following the attack, the bloodied victim walked into Newport Workout, a gym located in the 700 block of Dover Drive.

“Not a little blood, covered in blood, like a bucket of blood was poured over her,” said Ron Cary, a trainer at the gym.

Cary said the victim was barely able to walk.

“She was in shock, she was frantic, she was all over the place, rambling,” Cary added.

According to Cary, the victim told police investigators that she is a deputy DA involved in a murder trial in the Inland Empire.

“She said, ‘I’m in the middle of a murder trial, I’m on a murder trial, and I was attacked from behind,’” Cary said.”

Cool story here:

BARSTOW, Calif., Aug. 29, 2017 — The United States Marine Corps’ last remaining mounted color guard celebrates their 50th year in service this year — attending rodeos, parades and other events across the country, but it’s the day-to-day life that keeps these horse-borne Marines grounded.

Members of the mounted color guard proudly represent the Marine Corps and serve their community and country with honor. They travel extensively to participate in as many events as possible, and the invitations keep rolling in with event organizers requesting their presence. As the only remaining mounted color guard, they are spread thin, their schedules packed with events from shore to shore, to include retirement ceremonies and high-profile events such as the Tournament of Roses Parade.”

Marine Corps photo by Laurie Pearson

“I feel a great sense of pride every time I put on that uniform and get on a horse,” said Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Nicholas Beberniss, the staff noncommissioned officer in charge of the mounted color guard.

For events on the other side of the country, such as the Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C., it can take up to five days to get to the site, explained Marine Corps Cpl. Alicia Frost, a stableman. The horses are transported via truck and trailer along with the stablemen.”

A reminder to never go outside:


This is why I told John Stryker Meyer I won’t go into Wal-Marts unless forced:

West Palm Beach Police received numerous calls from the Walmart along 45th Street of an intoxicated naked man running around the parking lot.

When the responding officer arrived, he observed the man riding on a Walmart shopping cart naked.

According to a WPBPD arrest report, this kind of behavior is typical for the suspect.”

Image courtesy of WPBPD

Police arrested Jacob Steiner on Saturday for indecent exposure, disorderly intoxication and trespassing after being warned to leave.

The probable cause affidavit described Steiner as “a very well known illegal narcotics user” whose alleged behavior is “unfortunately a very common practice for him.”

Police noted that the incident took place in broad daylight in full view of men, women and children.”



Featured image courtesy of U.S. Army