This will end badly:

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — Three enlisted female Marines are reporting to a ground combat unit in North Carolina and are among the first women in the service to do so.

1st Lt. John McCombs, a Marine Corps spokesman with the Second Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Lejeune, says the three report Thursday to the 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment. McCombs says the unit has three female officers that will assist them.

Of course I’m going to talk about this. It’s well known that I’m SOFREP’s resident misogynist backer of high military standards. I have been writing on this subject for a long time now, and made my position pretty clear. In a vacuum, I would support females in a combat MOS, but since I know the folly of man and how the military actually works, I can’t support it. In other words, although it’s all well and good to talk about standards not changing, and cutting loose those who can’t hack it, we all know perfectly well that ambitious officers know exactly what is expected from the social justice warrior wing of the Pentagon, and will deliver no matter performance or detriment to unit cohesion. That’s why I can’t get on board with the “at least let them try” crowd. Because as soon as you open the door, the activist will pressure the military to get people THROUGH the door. And then keep it open, regardless of outcome.

Back to this story from the Military Times, which, admittedly, is short on detail and very long on headline. Because that’s the goal here: a trumpeting headline announcing the shattering of a bros-only glass ceiling. But the details are murky. First off, there have been zero female officers who have graduated the USMC’s infamous Infantry Officer Course. So what is the MOS of these female officers? Babysitter? They literally have no job except to stand over the NCOs heads scrutinizing everything they do. And three of them? That’s a one to one ratio—pretty damn unheard of in the military. These female officers bring nothing to the table of a USMC infantry unit whose sole purpose in life is to close with and destroy the enemy with deadly force. And we’re paying them to babysit. I have a question for the USMC public affairs officer: Where do these non-infantry female officers fit in the chain of command?

The Marines are declining to identify the enlisted women. Armistead says they will serve as a rifleman, a machine gunner and a mortar Marine. There are some 40,000 Marines in the Expeditionary Force.

In June, The Associated Press reported the Marine Corps had seven female officers either serving in combat posts or waiting in line to serve, and 167 women with non-combat jobs in front-line units.

I’ve talked extensively to some of my USMC infantry brothers out here in the shitbox overseas about this story. And, as luck would have it, two of my good friends, including my podcast co-host and huge guy JonJon, happened to both have machine gunner as their primary MOS while performing combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our great friend BooBoo (another huge bastard) told me about his typical loadout and workday patrolling in both theaters, which I figured I’d illustrate to kind of paint you a picture of what he and JonJon would go through on any given day while conducting combat operations.