Inspired by my fellow SOFREP writer, BK, and his regular—and always hilarious—News Roundups, as well as the seemingly insatiable appetite out there for any news about the Navy SEALs, I figured, why not start a semi-regular Navy SEAL news roundup feature? Of course, I cannot promise these will be even half as entertaining as BK’s, but let’s give it a shot.

First, cue the chorus: “Haven’t we heard enough about the Navy SEALs!” “Why don’t those guys shut their mouths!?” And, “Why do they wear those super short dive shorts?”

Sorry haters. Feel free to stop reading here if you cannot abide any further stories about the Navy SEALs, or pictures of men in “catch-me-kiss-me” shorty shorts.

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First up on deck: SOFREP’s own Drago Dzieran. In a feature today on (Charlotte, North Carolina’s news leader!), Drago’s story is told in all its glory. Dzieran, along with former SEAL Brad Bailey, rode in a float in the Harrisburg, North Carolina Fourth of July parade, and the reporter tells the viewers of North Carolina about Drago’s arrival in the United States, at age 24, following a two-year stint in a Polish prison camp during the Cold War.