French President Takes Huge Gamble:

French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday urged his countrymen to defy terrorists by going back to their normal way of life, visiting cafes, museums and sports stadiums, and not caving in to fear and xenophobia.

Hollande also said France would honor its duty to offer protection to refugees who flee countries like Syria and Iraq “because they are being tormented by the same who have attacked us.”

Hollande told mayors from around the country that France would take in 30,000 refugees over the next two years as planned, The New York Time reported.

However, he said France will “do the necessary verifications” to make sure refugees entering the country don’t pose a security risk.”

The reactions to last week’s horrific terrorist attacks have been roiling the world all week. It’s been a sight to behold. Between the reactions of the French, social media, and the American politicians, I’m starting to think this struggle between Western civilization and barbarism won’t end very well.

For starters, look at how French government is reacting. Now, I have HUGE respect for the Gendamerie guys, the RAID crew, and the rest of the French law enforcement guys who are taking care of business over there. It is no small feat of courage to assault a booby-trapped building where you know there are a bunch of hard-core jihadis armed with booby traps, suicide vests, and machine guns willing to blow the shit out of themselves to get to paradise and take you with them. These anti-terrorism guys are some of the best in the world, and it’s about time they’re being unleashed. No mercy, fellas. SOFREP writer and former Delta operator George Hand (go read his articles right now) found this cool infographic on how the raids went down: