Let’s Jump Right Into This Freaking Abortion:

Two sexual-assault awareness events involving Army ROTC cadets on campuses thousands of miles apart combined to enrage some social-media commenters, trigger an Army Cadet Command review — and probably cause a few sore ankles.

On April 1, about 15 cadets from Temple University participated in a school-sponsored “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, during which men stumble through a pre-set route while sporting high heels as a way to raise awareness for sexual assault victims. Several cadets walked while wearing Army Combat Uniforms, as did the school’s professor of military science, Lt. Col. Greg Nardi, who runs Temple’s Red Diamond Brigade.

Arizona State University’s ROTC cadet leadership also decided to have a complete frontal lobotomy:

Army ROTC cadets are complaining on message boards that they were pressured to walk in high heels on Monday for an Arizona State University campus event designed to raise awareness of sexual violence against women.

The Army openly encouraged participating in April’s “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” events in 2014, but now it appears as though ROTC candidates at ASU were faced with a volunteer event that became mandatory.

“Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a ‘does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission’ on our CDT OER for getting the branch we want. So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later on, only to throw them in the trash after about 300 of us embarrass the U.S. Army tomorrow,” one anonymous cadet wrote on the social media sharing website Imgr, IJReview reported Monday.

You have GOT to be crapping me here.

What’s next? You going to have the cadets wear rainbow freaking tank tops with ACU bottoms for the goddamn gay pride parade? I shouldn’t even say that. I’m sure it’s already in the works.

Let me clue you in on something, you pusillanimous pricks: A military uniform isn’t a freaking fashion statement that you’re free to accessorize how you see fit. Hence the term, “UNIFORM,” jackasses.

And check out the statement from the NCO they trotted out:

“I wish, as a collective, all the cyber-warriors would get all the facts before they started posting, but you can’t control that,” said Master Sgt. Doug Flach, senior military science instructor at Temple, who provided details on his program’s participation in the April 1 event.

Wow, listen to the contempt oozing from this NCO’s suck on the thought that he might have to explain himself to you plebes out there. But sure, I’ll listen. Oh, except:

Army Cadet Command refused to answer questions regarding the ASU event or the alleged complaints posted online, nor would officials make the school’s professor of military science, Maj. Michelle Bravo, available for an interview.

Can you believe these turds? Hey SARGE, here’s my attempt to get facts: When some idiot commander was about to not only violate uniform regs, but turn your ROTC platoon into a national freaking joke, where the hell where you, GUY? Oh, I know: you were off to the side nodding your head like a good little doggie instead of doing your goddamn DUTY, hoping you’ll get a good bullet point on your next fitness report. 

The Pic of the Day: British Army Cadets During Simulation Training

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The entire command should be relieved immediately. Their senior enlisted advisors also need to go. Maybe they didn’t come up with this pile of vomit, but they did nothing to stop it, and so are equally culpable. This is an infection that needs to be stamped out.

The Head of Army Cadet Command.

Let me give all of you aspiring officers and NCOs a tip. Before you decide to start experimenting in some wacky social justice crusade, think of the men who stormed the beach at Normandy. The men who froze in the Chosin reservoir. The men who patrolled the jungles of Vietnam. The men walking through the mountains of Afghanistan.  And then ask yourself, “Would they think this is awesome?” YOU WILL NEVER GO WRONG.

Jumping out of a plane? AWESOME. Climbing some mountains? AWESOME. Shooting some belt-feds at the range? AUDIE MURPHY’S GHOST IS FULLY ENGORGED. Parading around in high heels while wearing your uniform in public? DIE IN A FIRE.

And all of that aside, the concept is stupid, anyway. Not all women wear heels. Oh, and most sexual assault in the military is male on male, a fact that the pentagon is desperate to keep quiet for some reason. 

The military is investigating this atrocity, but it’s pointless. Here’s how it works: The command claims that  this is all voluntary, cadets WANTED to do it, etc. But in the real world, we all know the deal. Go against the program, and you’re deemed a trouble maker. There are whispers about your commitment. Furrowed brows appear when your name is mentioned. Maybe you get passed up for promotion for not being a “team player.” But nothing concrete is written down that can be damning evidence. That’s how this game is played.

This is such an embarrassment. A travesty. An ABOMINATION. I could write so much more, but I better quit before I really get going. The vein throbbing in my forehead is already giving me a headache.


It’s Only a Matter of Time Before They Turn On Us:

Another first for naval aviation, courtesy of the X-47B: An unmanned aircraft has executed a mid-flight refueling.

All your planes are belong to us.

The Navy’s X-47B demonstrator aircraft flew over Chesapeake Bay on April 22 and connected with a refueling tanker during flight. This capability greatly extends the range of an unmanned aircraft and further increases its ability to hover over a target area.

Air-to-air refueling, as Popular Mechanics found during a B-2 flight, takes a lot of hands to go right. The ability of a drone to adapt to the precision flying required for refueling aircraft, and to coordinate with the humans inside the refueling tanker, is impressive.

This is very cool. If you’ve ever been on a helicopter that was doing an aerial refuel, you know how difficult it is. Absolutely amazing.

Nineteen Sixteen Eight Women Remain In First Co-Ed Ranger School Class:

A group of women soldiers made history this week after earning a place in the first gender-integrated Ranger Course Assessment at Fort Benning in Georgia.

The U.S. Army Ranger School at Fort Benning opened Monday to a class of 19 women and 380 men, according to Stars and Stripes. Over the last four months, 20 women had secured a spot in the course assessment after passing one of four sessions of gender-integrated Ranger Training Assessment Courses (RTAC). One female soldier chose to withdraw.

Only eight women and 184 men successfully completed the first four days of Ranger School, after a series of physically grueling tests, officials told the Army Times on Thursday.

Don’t worry, ladies, the first four days are really the only hard part. It should be smooth sailing ahead! According to cms.sofrep.com’s own Jack Murphy:

138 women attempted RTAC (this also counts many who had two or three attempts). 19 women passed the RTAC pre-Ranger course, earning a spot in Ranger School Class 6-15.

20 April 2015. Day 1. Ranger Physical Assessment. 400 started: 381 males and 19 females. 16 of 19 females passed the RPFT. Overall 81 (3 females, 78 males) failed the Ranger Physical Assessment. That leaves 319 still in the course (of which 16 are female).

21 April 2015. Day 2. Land navigation. 3 LN failures. They will retest on the 22d.

22 April 2015. Day 3. Land Nav retest. 2 of the 3 LN failures failed the retest. This leaves 14.

23 April 2015. 12-mile foot march. 6 failed the footmarch (and so did 43 men), leaving 8 to go on to Camp Darby.

In case you were wondering how the Huffington Post headlined their version of this story? “Women Outperform Men on Day One of Ranger School.”  No, I don’t know what they are talking about, either. And speaking of women…

Air Force Has a Solution In Search of a Problem:

The U.S. Air Force will soon begin evaluating physical standards as the service moves toward opening direct-combat jobs in special operations to women.

Air Force leaders are considering opening six career fields currently closed to women, ranging from pararescue jumper to combat controller.

About 99 percent of the positions within the Air Force are already inclusive of women, according to an Air Force press release. The current study is working to open the last 1 percent, which amounts to a little more than 4,300 special operations positions.

Allow me to help translate some of this bureaucratic gibberish that you’re about to hear:

“The Air Force is using a scientific approach to directly tie and validate standards to mission requirements,” said Brig. Gen. Brian Kelly, director of Military Force Management Policy.

Translation: We need to lower the PT standards so we can get some chicks in there.

“This effort marks the most stringent process yet by which we are developing occupationally specific physical standards, scientifically measured against operational requirements to match mission needs,” Kelly said.

“All the services and United States Special Operations Command are working with various scientific and research agencies to review occupational standards to ensure they are specific and current, operationally relevant and are gender neutral.”

Translation: We need to lower the PT standards so we can get some chicks in there.

“This is not about raising or lowering occupational standards,” Kelly added.

Translation: We need to lower the PT standards so we can get some chicks in there.

Isn’t that great? This gender-eqity virus is spreading everywhere! These are the last six jobs that are male-only in the Air Force:

  • Combat Controller
  • Special Tactics Officer
  • Pararescueman
  • Combat Rescue Officer
  • Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)
  • Special Operations Weather Personnel

I can’t wait to see the spectacle of a 120 lb. female with a 50 lb. ruck, weapon, and body armor climbing a rope ladder up into a Blackhawk hovering overhead.  But I’m sure General Doofus up there will eliminate that when he “reviews occupational standards.”

Where is all of this coming from? I’ve heard the argument that it is so they can make rank, but the Air Force has 2 4 star General MAJCOM commanders already. They seem to be making rank just fine. So I conclude this is nothing more than some bizarre social-engineering crusade. If you have another theory, I’d love to hear it.

Picture of the Week: Then- Senator Obama With Evil Blackwater Mercenaries:


My buddy DH sent me this picture. He says Erik Prince gave the guy in the Blackwater hat a thousand bucks just for wearing that hat in the picture.

God, Please Let This Be Real:

If you’ve ever wondered why there wasn’t a male version of the skeezy dining establishment that is Hooters, well, your prayers are about to be answered: Brace for the arrival of Tallywackers, coming soon to the gayborhood.

Per a help wanted ad on Craigslist, Tallywackers appears to be a bar and restaurant staffed by half-naked men who may or may not offer suggestive raised eyebrows while serving phallic-shaped foods such as hot dogs. Look for it to open soon at 4218 Lemmon Avenue, the space previously occupied by Lolita’s and the Catalina Room.

This is a great idea. There should be many more places like this. Think about it: the naming possibilities of the restaurants alone are endless. Den of Dongs, Sack Lunch, and Veiny’s Penis-aria are just a few I can come up with right now.

Valdosta Flag Flap:

A Georgia university shut down on Friday in preparation for a huge demonstration after a video of protesters trampling an American flag went viral.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress told the Valdosta Daily Times that thousands of people who “just want to come down here and support the American flag” were expected to descend on Valdosta State University at 1:30 p.m. ET.

The rally is a response to a video of students walking on a flag last Friday to protest racism, reported NBC affiliate WALB.com.

In case you missed the original story: Last week, a group of students were having some a protest (against what, nobody knows because they wouldn’t say) and punctuated it by stomping on the American flag. A USAF veteran took the flag away and was briefly detained by police for theft. Here’s the video that started it all:

Since I’m a free speech nazi, I do not think it should be a crime to desecrate the American flag. And the USAF vet who took the flag, Michelle Manhart, was indeed in the wrong. I mean, I don’t like it, but it’s still theft. That being said, I have a solution:

Why don’t we forget about the cops, lawyers, and courts and do it the old fashioned way? Let’s be gentlemanly about all this. You protestors bring a hundred people to stomp the flag, and I’ll bring ten to “remedy” the situation and we can have an honest discussion.

A little advice to the racial grifters: This isn’t a fight you want to pick, seriously. I mean, stick to browbeating white liberal college administrators. They are perfectly willing to grovel when you complain about racist professors who attempt to correct your shitty punctuation, grammar, and spelling in your illegible writing assignments. But a fight with the veterans over the flag? Bad idea.

Veteran-Owned Business of the Week- Direct Action Resource Center:


Located in Arkansas, DARC has the facilities to do all the tactical training military/LEO could want. Explosive breaching, rappelling, 1000 meter ranges… it’s all there. They’ve got some very cool pictures on their Facebook page, which is where I stole this one. Also, be sure and check out their website for much more information about the guys and their great facilities.

Many thanks to @Caitlynmichele for sending me the information about these guys. For those of you who have sent me tips on veteran-owned businesses, I promise, I will get to them, so keep ’em coming! Veterans, pull your head out of your asses and contact me @BKactual to promote yourself. Literally a trillion people will see this.

Please Do Not Engage Nude Florida Men:

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A man who police say attacked another man while naked was arrested Tuesday in Gainesville and charged with attempted car jacking.

The Gainesville Police Department said Ganzo Keith Haynes, 31, was completely naked and wandering in a neighborhood on SW 38th Place when the victim approached him and offered to give him some clothes.

When the victim went to his car to get the clothes, Haynes grabbed him and began choking him, demanding the keys to the car, police said.

Ok, sofrep ladies, contain yourselves:

I’m Here To PARTY

I love the last sentence in the news story:

GPD said Haynes was highly intoxicated and likely under the influence of unknown narcotics.

I’m going to defend old Ganzo here. I mean, maybe he was just hot? Hey, it gets hot in Florida. Do not besmirch a citizen’s good name by implying drug use.

Combat Controllers to be Awarded Silver Stars:

Two Fort Bragg airmen will receive Silver Stars for their valor in a 48-hour battle in Afghanistan last year.

Tech. Sgt. Matthew J. Greiner and Senior Airman Goodie Goodman will be honored with the nation’s third-highest award for valor during a ceremony on Fort Bragg’s Pope Field in early May, according to the 24th Special Operations Wing.

Both airmen are combat controllers with the 21st Special Tactics Squadron, an elite Air Force special operations unit based at Pope Field.


When I discussed TSgt. Grenier’s Bronze Star award in last week’s news roundup, I mentioned that he was up for a Silver Star for actions less than two weeks later. This time, he had a young E-4 badass with him:

According to officials, Greiner and Goodman were part of a three-man combat controller team, working alongside a Special Forces detachment and Afghan commandos.

The troops assaulted a hostile bazaar by helicopter, seeking to disrupt insurgent operations, when they came under attack by more than 100 insurgents.

During the two-day battle, Greiner and Goodman are credited with exposing themselves to enemy fire to better call in precision air strikes and coordinate the resupply of much-needed ammunition. Greiner controlled 70 air assets during the firefight.

The valor awards will be the latest for the 21st Special Tactics Squadron and Greiner.

The squadron is the most decorated unit of its size in the Air Force since Vietnam, officials said.

Outstanding job, gentlemen. Pretty soon they are going to need to erect a separate building just to display all of the awards that the 21st STS has been collecting in the GWOT. To refresh your memory, the current tally for the squadron is 6 Air Force Crosses, 650 Bronze Stars with valor, and 105 purple hearts. Couldn’t find the number of Silver Stars, but it’s a boatload.

Absolutely extraordinary.

American Youth Are Basically Giant Tubs of Goo:

(CNN) Soon, America will be too fat to fight.

Forget about rampant diabetes, heart attacks and joint problems — the scariest consequence arising out of our losing battle with the bulge is the safety of our country.

In about five years, so many young Americans will be grossly overweight that the military will be unable to recruit enough qualified soldiers. That alarming forecast comes from Maj, Gen. Allen Batschelet, who is in charge of U.S. Army Recruiting Command…

…Of the 195,000 young men and women who signed up to fight for our country, only 72,000 qualified. Some didn’t make the cut because they had a criminal background, or a lack of education, or too many tattoos. But a full 10% didn’t qualify because they were overweight.

Future SOF

I guess I  don’t see a lot of this, because I live in San Diego, by the beach, where the kids are still pretty much outside all day. At least, my kid and all of his friends are. But apparently the statistics don’t lie. So why is this happening?

“The acceptance of obesity is prevalent,” according to Claire Putnam, an obstetrician and gynecologist who believes obesity is a national crisis right now. “When you look around you, 70% of adults are overweight or obese. It seems normal,” she said.

So if I’m reading between the lines here, we should make it ABNORMAL? Yes, says the doc:

“If a person is overweight — as difficult as it is — they ought to be told. You know, this issue reminds me of the issue with concussions. We should call them what they really are: a brain injury, not ‘getting your bell rung.’ In the same vein, we should tell people who are overweight or obese that, clinically, they’re ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’ and at risk for just about every chronic disease in the book.”

Not a problem. If there is one skill that I possess, it is telling hard truths. Ain’t that right, fatty? Tubster? Porky? Hefty?


Stupid Douchebags Curse; Spit at Wounded Vets:

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — University of Florida President Kent Fuchs promises a full investigation after getting reports that members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity spat at a group of disabled military veterans and stole their flags at a Panama City Beach resort.

In an email to Warrior Beach Retreat at Laketown Wharf Resort, Fuchs said the school is making every effort to learn what happened and take appropriate action.

Veterans told a local news source that they were shocked at the level of disrespect these college students had. The vets said that the students threw beer on them from their balconies and spit on them…

…”They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I’m defending myself,” said veteran Nicholas Connole.

Linda Cope, founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat, said she’s never seen such disgusting behavior.

“They’re a total disgrace for our military. They were urinating on the American flag; they were throwing things off of the balconies,” Cope said.

WHAT the hell is going on? These little pieces of crap need a massive beatdown. Couldn’t Nicholas Connole order his dog to kill or something? That reminds me: I need a German Shepard.

So now I have to take down the race shysters in Georgia, the douche frat bros in Florida, and the officers of the ASU and Temple ROTCs. Is that it for this week? Jesus.

Anaheim Rail Boondoggle Merely a Preview For MASSIVE CA State Boondoggle to come:

ANAHEIM – The city’s new transit center will run into a $2 million operating deficit by the end of June, and Anaheim officials will soon consider how to cover the shortfall.

Before it was built, the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center was expected to be a self-sustaining hub that would be primarily financed by revenue from advertising and a naming-rights sponsor.

More than four month have passed since ARTIC opened, and city officials said that they aren’t close to securing a company willing to pay to put its name on the 67,000-square-foot facility, while total advertising revenue during the six months of operation are projected to be $81,675.

By June’s end, city officials expect to earn $391,548 in total revenue for ARTIC, falling far below the anticipated $2.38 million cost to keep the facility’s doors open.

So, let’s look at what the LA times wrote when they first opened this white elephant:

Although the station is expected to have more than 10,000 daily boardings, the old one-room train depot, tucked in a parking lot beyond center field in Angel Stadium, was only lightly used.

Aaaaaaaand back to the first article:

Along with funding problems, ARTIC is failing to meet an opening-day promise of 10,000 riders who either board or depart mass-transit. That figure was used to lure companies that might provide naming rights, advertising or other support for the station.

THEY MADE IT ALL UP. And nobody ever challenged them because they want to get in on the grift as well. The CA High Speed Rail Authority is doing the EXACT same thing with the statewide plan. Lie and make up ridership numbers, get the construction going, and then throw up your hands and say, “Well, we can’t stop NOW!”

Go read those stories. Seldom will you find one that is as chock full of great paragraphs. Including this one, from the lying hack who helped sell this disaster:

Backers say the aim wasn’t just to create a train station but to also make a statement about the future. They wanted a central station to unite previously scattered transportation services, said Curt Pringle, the former mayor of Anaheim and once board chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

“It’s planned to be a part of a vibrant community that’s going to grow up around it for a long time,” he said.

Remember what I told you? The word “vibrant” is solely uses by political shysters and activists trying to swindle you  out of your tax money.

Marines, Figure the Tattoo Thing Out Already:


For Marines employed in what’s become a hyper-competitive professional setting, not even multiple meritorious promotions, a combat valor award and a command-endorsed waiver are likely to save one’s career if he has run afoul of the service’s tattoo policy.

That’s the hard truth Sgt. Daniel Knapp, a hard-charging infantryman stationed in North Carolina, learned after getting inked on his forearm with a pair of crossed rifles and the numbers 0311 — the Corps’ designation for Marine riflemen — to commemorate his 2011 deployment to Afghanistan.

Knapp, who is assigned to Camp Lejeune’s 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines, was denied re-enlistment by Marine Corps headquarters despite a policy waiver endorsed by leaders within his parent command, the 2nd Marine Division. So now, while the rest of his battalion is deployed to Europe as part of a crisis-response force, Knapp is sidelined in the States.

Absolutely absurd. What the hell is going on with the Marine Corps? When did they become so damn prissy and fastidious about about how ink-free their death dealers are?

Make That Money, Son:

Key contributors to a conservative group have received a special invitation: For $50,000, they can shoot guns and hang out this June with Robert O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL credited with killing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The offer was recently made by the ForAmerica organization. Those invited have until May 10 to RSVP for an event at the Amangani Resort Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyo. The facility offers picturesque views of the Snake River, and is on the southern tip of Grand Teton National Park. A room there can cost more than $1,000 per night.

He’s a civilian now, he can do what he wants. But damn: 50 large? There must be a ton of deep-pocketed SEAL groupies to ask for that kind of cheddar. Allow me to insert my own proposal: Give me 10 bucks and a six pack of Coors and I’ll take you shooting. For an extra 20 I’ll ridicule your stance, deride your grip, and mock your family. You pay for the rounds.

Contact me @BKactual if interested.