Another Casualty of our Insane Immigration Policies:

SAN FRANCISCO –A funeral for Kathryn Steinle, the 32-year-old woman shot and killed on a pier in San Francisco, was held Thursday.

Her accused killer had been deported five times, which has ignited debate over so-called “sanctuary cities,” where undocumented immigrants are not turned over to federal authorities.

The repeat felon charged with Steinle’s murder, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, has become a notorious symbol of San Francisco’s policy.

Steinle’s death has brought proposals both in California’s legislature and in Congress for laws that would force local governments to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. San Francisco’s sanctuary ordinance largely prohibits city personnel from helping enforce immigration laws.

Over the weekend the national news media reluctantly turned its attention to San Francisco, where an innocent young American woman was shot to death and died in her father’s arms at a popular San Francisco tourist destination by an illegal alien who had been previously deported five times. She joins the grim list of other Californians shot dead by released illegal immigrants, like 17 year old Jamiel Shaw, and Anthony Bologna and his two sons, Michael and Anthony.

The incompetence and willful ignorance of both the San Francisco sheriffs department and immigrations and customs “enforcement” arm of the Department of Homeland Security is an absolute disgrace. If you ever needed any further proof that they don’t care about you and will do anything to appease the radical illegal-immigrant rights crowd, including defending illegal alien violent felons, that this is it.

Look at this man’s record: he had already been deported five times, was recently released after a jail sentence, and turned over to ICE. The immigration agents then discovered a bench warrant for a marijuana charge from 1998, so they released Sanchez to the San Francisco police. They, in turn, summarily dismissed the charges and put him out on the street, where he murdered an American citizen with a weapon stolen from a federal agent.

Megyn Kelly at Fox News absolutely annihilated all the parties involved, especially head of ICE Sarah Saldana, who, in the span of 24 hours, went from saying “amen” to cities cooperating with ICE, to rambling about it being “counterproductive”:

Why would ICE spend all that time and money for someone who had already been deported five times, had already been in prison three times, and then turn him over to a notorious sanctuary city over a 20$ victimless crime? How much did that cost? Why do you not just get rid of him? WHY ARE YOU NOT DEPORTING HIM IMMEDIATELY WITH A BOOT IN HIS ASS?

ICE owes us some answers. Did immigration officers tell bother to tell San Francisco police, “Hey, by the way, this man we’re turning over to you has been deported five times already and has been in jail several times, so if you don’t follow up on your local charge would you please remand him back into our custody?”

And if they DID tell the San Francisco police that, then why would the San Francisco police feel it proper to take someone who’s been deported five times, with numerous felonies and NOT turn him back over to ICE? Are they so in the tank to the illegal alien activists that they absolutely refuse to hand anyone over? That’s the answer I want: I want to know why the San Francisco politicians and illegal alien activists are going to bat for people who have committed multiple felonies. After all, every sign I see when these activists are protesting is, “#notonemore.”

I would love a SINGLE major American media outlet to have questions for these activist groups and politicians. Get them on TV and ask them point-blank, “Are you for or against the deportation of illegal aliens with felonies?” Let’s watch them squirm. Get them on the record and make them admit and say out loud what they really want: They don’t want any borders, they want free reign to go back and forth as they please, which, of course, means no border at all. And a chunk of land with no border isn’t even a country anymore, it’s a territory. 

And don’t dare let them get away with that phony baloney, “DERRR DERRRR COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM DERRRR” crap. You shove the camera in their faces and ask them very specifically, “Do you support immediately deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a felony?” The media was running around all last week getting stories about the activists’ reactions to Donald Trump’s comments; let’s see the pathetic propagandists do the same thing here.

Senate finally moves to bring an end to ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for illegal aliens

Read Next: Senate finally moves to bring an end to ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for illegal aliens

Somebody go ask unapologetic amnesty shill Jorge Ramos of Univision if he supports deporting people who have been convicted of a felony from the United States. Or do I have to be the only one who does it?

I’m sure Jorge will get back to me shortly.

And then the insane presidential spokesman had the GALL to come out and blame Republicans, saying somehow, if they had only passed his amnesty bill this wouldn’t have happened. Guy: are you freaking kidding me? The president can wave his junk around and instantly grant millions of illegal immigrants Social Security numbers and work permits, but all of a sudden, he needs congressional approval to deport illegal alien felons? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

Predictably, the finger-pointing has started. The mayor is blaming the sheriff, the sheriff is blaming ICE, and of course, they’re all being very careful to not blame any of their own policies for this young woman’s death. The newspaper even had to trot out some doofus professor to weigh in on Villain Du Jour Donald Trump:

“Politically, the timing is great for Trump because he has this heinous crime to point to. A tragic incident that appears to be the poster child that he’s right. But the truth is that undocumented immigrants are going to commit crimes as well the people who are born here.


Yeah? NO SHIT, Poindexter. The difference between the two, stupid, is that we can do something about the undocumented immigrants: we can get rid of them, moron. We may be stuck with our shithead American criminals, but there is an obvious solution to the ones that aren’t supposed to be here. Also note the outrage displayed by America’s leftist corporate/media/academic world: Not over an American citizen getting murdered, mind you, but by Donald Trump saying mean things about illegal immigrants.

Our immigration enforcement system is absurd, and much like the intentional over-complication of the death penalty, it’s been made that way out of design. This is planned chaos. Apparently, our government is comfortable with a certain amount of American deaths as long as they get their continued stream of new dependents. THAT is why you’re hearing nothing but silence from all the parties involved: the mayor of San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco, the district attorney of San Francisco and all of the spokesmen for immigration and customs enforcement, including head of the DHS and USELESS SACK OF SHIT “Jeh” Johnson.

This is the oldest trick in the book: release bland statements, say nothing off-the-cuff, and then just wait for the whole thing to blow over. Don’t you let them get away with it. Every person running for president should be hammered about this issue non-stop. To Hillary Clinton’s credit, at least she said it was wrong. She’s full of shit, but at least she said it was wrong out loud. Baby steps.

Our immigration system has become overly complicated and it’s really not complicated at all. Behold my incredibly easy, IMMEDIATE steps we can take on immigration enforcement.

1.) Anyone caught entering the country illegally at the border should be taken into custody, given a hot shower, a hot meal, a medical exam, any booster shots/immediate medical treatment/antibiotics necessary, and then immediately transferred to an awaiting airplane and flown right back to their home country. If you want to apply for asylum, that’s what all of those embassies we spend billions of dollars on all around the world are for. The travelers would save thousands of dollars they’d otherwise be paying to drug cartels/coyotes, further enriching them. We either have a border, or we don’t. You would only have to do this for like a week or so before word got back to the home countries that the dangerous journey is a complete waste of time and money, and it WOULD STOP. Not to mention, you’d probably save people from dying in the desert and getting raped.

2.) Eliminate all federal law enforcement/immigration funding for cities who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials. Senator Tom Cotton is already working on this. Hit them in the wallet, where they’ll actually care.

3.) That passed-in-good-faith human trafficking law that anyone besides Mexicans must be released into the United States and given a court hearing? That needs to be repealed. We saw from last summer’s border surge, which continues to this day, that it was being taken advantage of and worded poorly. Out of all of the people caught and released, the vast, vast majority aren’t even showing up for their court dates.

4.) You may have heard that an illegal immigrant is required to be released from custody after six months, which is a total lie. According to the oft-abused case of Zadvydas Vs. Davis, if there is reason to hold onto the individual, as in, it’s a multiple-convicted felon, or he’s set to be deported, or he’s a dangerous murderer, or any other reason, then they’re free to hold onto him. ICE, led by USELESS SACK OF SHIT Jeh Johnson, has just used this as an excuse to let people go. If ICE can’t get rid of them within 6 months, for whatever reason, keep holding them until you can.

5.) All of the illegal aliens in the federal prison system on non-violent charges should be immediately returned to their home countries. We should not be paying for drug mules to live a cush life in federal prison at taxpayer expense. Those countries that refuse to accept their citizens back into custody should not only have all foreign aid cut immediately, they should also be denied ANY visas for ALL of their citizens for entry to United States, whether it is a tourist visa, student visa, or work visa. 

6.) The illegal immigrants that are already here in United States are our guests, and uninvited ones at that. So forget about all of this weighing of which which crimes will get you deported or not. You CANNOT trust local shyster politicians to make this distinction. If they say, “Well, only serious crimes should result in deportation,” they’ll just lower the threshold of what’s considered a serious crime. So take that decision out of their hands and just put it plainly: Any conviction of a serious misdemeanor or a felony and you are OUT. There will be no later court date for you to show up before and immigration judge since, again, most of them don’t show up anyway. OUT. Let’s go ahead and apply that to LEGAL green card/visa holders as well. They are also guests, after all.

All of these, save number 3, are policies which the president could enact almost immediately if he wanted to. Which, of course, he won’t. Has anyone even asked him about this? I DARE him to say that he doesn’t see anything wrong with sanctuary city policies on camera. He should be ashamed, angry, and embarrassed. You had one job, bro, in which you failed miserably. Think he’ll appear at Kathryn Steinle’s funeral and sing “Amazing Grace?”

Honestly, who, except for the fanatical illegal immigrant activists or democratic party hack activists would be opposed to any one of those policies? What’s controversial there? Are you telling me that a Republican candidate can’t talk about these measures to latino/immigrant audiences? There is NO CONSTITUENCY for allowing convicted felon illegal aliens to remain in the United States, including Latinos and other immigrants.  These are sensible, common-sense rules that any country serious about it’s border should implement. What, you think other immigrants, or Americans of hispanic descent want to be around illegal alien MS-13 gangbangers, drunk drivers, and robbers?

And it’s irritating that Donald Trump is the only guy talking about it. He messed up by over-generalizing an entire population, which allowed the media to just talk about the insulting part of the speech, while ignoring all of the other parts of it, which were true. There ARE hundreds of thousands of illegal alien convicted criminals here. There ARE tons of them taking up space and tax money in our prison system. The rest of the republican candidates are worthless on this issue.

What, you think Jeb! is going to crack down on them? I stand more of a chance of Hillary Clinton knocking at my door and FELLATING ME as the cameras roll than seeing Jeb! EVER do anything about criminal illegal immigrants.

Then, after all of those enforcement measures are implemented, if you want to have a discussion about a legalization process for the illegal immigrants who are here, have not been deported, and have held steady jobs, I’m willing to listen and perhaps work something out. BUT NOT BEFORE IT’S DONE. This sanctuary city policy is a complete goddamn abortion, it’s killing people, it’s costing taxpayers a fortune, and I’m sick of it. Fuck. I need a drink.

Huge Troop Cuts Coming:

In the midst of a war against the Islamic State that the Obama administration says will last many years, the Army is moving ahead with big troop cuts. And they could grow even larger unless Congress and the White House find a way to stop further across-the-board spending reductions this fall.

Army leaders were notifying members of Congress Wednesday with details of how they intend to reduce the active-duty force from 490,000 soldiers to 450,000 within two years. The size of the reduction was announced months ago, but congressional delegations have been waiting for word on how the cuts would be distributed and timed; troop reductions can inflict significant economic pain on communities reliant on military base populations.

If a new round of automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, goes ahead, the Army says it will have to reduce even further, to 420,000 soldiers.

Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, has said he can accept the planned reduction of 40,000 soldiers over the next two years, which the Army plans to implement by trimming the size of numerous units. The biggest cuts would be to an infantry unit at Fort Benning, Georgia, and an airborne infantry unit at Fort Richardson in Alaska. Each would shrink from about 4,000 soldiers to about 1,050, defense officials said Wednesday. Those details were first reported Tuesday by USA Today. The full plan for specific cuts is expected to be made public by the Army on Thursday.

Those are HUGE numbers. Let’s see what cuts are actually made. Remember, this is just talk, for now.

This is Terrible:

Valdosta, GA – On July 4th, Jon Kreft says he and his brother Mike were in a bar playing pool, when Mike, an Army Combat veteran, began hearing fireworks.

“I was walking behind him, and every time a firework would go off, he was covering his ears and he would jump and flinch,” says Jon. “Then he just started crying and started running down the road.”

He followed Mike home. He knew his brother’s PTSD had been triggered by the fireworks. He was going to play music to soothe him.

“He went to the bedroom, and right when I was about to get the play button going, I look up, and he looks at me and says I love you.”

The 27 year-old shot and killed himself.

Devastating. You never know what is going to set someone off. The last 15 years have taken a terrible toll on so many young men in this country. It breaks my goddamn heart.

The family has set up a GoFundMe campaign page that you can contribute to here. Rest in Peace, Mike Kreft.

More Crazy Shootings:

Three people were shot to death and another was wounded Tuesday night near the University of Maryland, Baltimore in what investigators called a “targeted incident,” police said.

Two vans, one burgundy and one white, pulled over in the 900 block of W. Fayette St. in the Poppleton neighborhood about 10:30 p.m., police said. Gunmen emerged and opened fire, police said. They said three or four gunmen might have been involved.

“This was not a random act of violence but was a targeted incident,” police said in a statement.

Police said two men and two women were shot, and three died. The fourth person suffered a gunshot wound to the buttock and was in good condition, police said.

Boy, that came and went out of the news in a hurry, huh? You’d think that the story of 3 people getting assassinated near a University campus would have had some staying power. Once I saw the story disappearing, I figured it out:

Since the media quickly lost interest, and the race shyster activists didn’t appear running their usual grift, I can only come to the conclusion that both the shooters and victims were both minorities, or the shooters were minorities and the victims white.

Baltimore is giant, steaming, pile of shit.

And then there was this one:

A woman who was shot in the back of the head with a shotgun while walking with her boyfriend in Hollywood Sunday night appeared to have been killed in a “random act of violence,” police said Monday.

The victim was identified Monday afternoon as Carrie Jean Melvin, 30, according to Lt. John Radtke with LAPD’s West Bureau Homicide. The coroner’s office confirmed the victim’s name and age and said an investigator was still working on a report.

Melvin was walking with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard and McCadden Place (map), about a block away from the heavily used intersection of Sunset and Highland Avenue, when she was shot and killed around 10 p.m. Sunday, Los Angeles Police Department officials said.

The gunman approached the couple from behind and shot the woman in the back of the head using a shotgun, police at the scene said. It was unclear how many times she was shot.

Melvin was about a block from her front door when she was gunned down.

“Witnesses and the boyfriend report that the suspect just appeared and fired the gunshot,” Skaggs said. “There were no words exchanged.”

The gunman — described by Skaggs only as a black man in his 30s in dark clothing — fled the scene in a black sedan.

Barely made a blip on the radar. My God, can you imagine? A block from home, and you get a shotgun blast to the back of your head. She was probably gone before she hit the ground.

People in other countries often wonder about our gun culture. I’ve been asked about it on more than one occasion while abroad. My answer? Other countries do not have even close to the level of violent, cold-blooded, sociopathic criminals and gangsters that we do in America. Not. Even. Close.

Top Gun Pilot/Pedophile Blackmail Enthusiast Attempts Contact With ChiComs:

A Top Gun Navy pilot serving time in prison for producing child pornography tried to sell secrets about the F-35 and F/A-18 Super Hornet to the Chinese. What did he want in return? He wanted the Chinese to break him out of prison.

Based on court testimony, Harris adopted online aliases and pretended to be different teenage boys, while talking to the girls between 2011 and 2013. After obtaining naked photos of the girls, he tried to threaten them into sending videos, saying if they refused, he’d show the photos to the girls’ friends.

One girl tried to commit suicide. After speaking with investigators in November 2013, Harris wrote a letter apologizing to one of the victims.


In his most recent letter, Harris informed the Chinese that if they didn’t respond on a quick enough timeframe, he’d pass the information to the Russians, instead. Since he knew his mail was being screened at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail, he adopted the name of another inmate.

“Attached is a list (partial) of information I possess that I believe you would be very interested in having. All I ask in return is that you break me out,” the letter wrote. “Once out and under your protection, all my knowledge is yours.”

LOL. Good, one, buddy. Does he really think the ChiComs are going to burrow into the prison using their chinese-y earth-burrowing machine to break out his creepy ass? Chances are, they’ve already hacked into our systems and gotten all of the information they need anyway.

Regular readers of the roundup already know that there are few things I like more than the good old shyster lawyers. Listen to this guy:

Harris’ sentencing hearing is set for Monday. Federal prosecutors haven’t added any new charges as a result of the letter. Even if there were any charges, Harris’ defense attorney, Andrew Sacks, said Harris never wrote the letter. This isn’t the first time that Sacks has argued the point. Previously, Sacks said that Harris’ computer was hacked by a “John Anderson” who wanted to ruin the pilot’s marriage by threatening girls for explicit material. Prosecutors, however, are fairly convinced that letters and text messages sent from “Anderson” originated from Harris while in prison.

Bahahaha. Sure, SACKS. Nobody did nuthin’. It was all a setup, a setup I tell you! Some guy, uh, broke into my house, accessed my computer many, many times, and it was HIS fault!

This is like Scott Peterson’s attorney talking about the mysterious bands of roving satanists that killed his wife and unborn child. “Sure, I can’t prove it, but you can’t NOT prove it, CAN YOU?”

Marine Officer Tells Truth, is Relived of Command:

A Marine officer who led the service’s only all-female recruit battalion was fired amid complaints of a toxic leadership environment — but her supporters say she was only trying to make the unit better by holding women to tougher standards.

Lt. Col. Kate Germano, the former commanding officer of 4th Recruit Training Battalion at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, was found to be “hostile, unprofessional and abusive,” according to a command investigation obtained by Marine Corps Times. She was relieved for cause on June 30 by Brig. Gen. Terry Williams, Parris Island’s commanding general.

But officers who served with her say she was a blunt reformer who spearheaded efforts to improve recruit training regardless of gender, and that a vocal minority in the battalion undercut her achievements. Germano’s tactics, for example, dramatically improved range qualification rates for female recruits.

The command investigation, completed June 25 and obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, states that Germano displayed “toxic leadership” by publicly berating and showing contempt for subordinates, bullying Marines and singling them out for under-performance.

That happened to me a couple of times. I called it, “being in the military.”

Germano also “reinforced gender bias and stereotypes” in the minds of her Marines by telling them on several occasions that male Marines would not take orders from them and would see them as inferior if they could not meet men’s physical standards, the investigation found.

You know, the male marines didn’t ask for this. We weren’t the ones pushing and pushing and pushing for females to be allowed into male-only slots such as infantry. But you female activists wanted it, and you got it. Therefore, you must be held to the same standard as the men. No more, no less. THIS IS PART OF THE DEAL.

Do you ever wonder why all SOF members, officers and enlisted, go through the EXACT same selection? It’s all about respect. Officers and enlisted men get crushed together, because that’s how it’s going to be in combat.

Indeed, the officers usually get it the worse. I can’t speak for Rangers/SF/SEALs, but I know in USAF Pararescue, all officer candidates are required to attend a notorious one week pre-selection course, known only by the ominous name of “phase 2.” This is run by senior enlisted PJs, and these officer candidates get absolutely destroyed, on land and in the water. The PJ community does NOT want their officers quitting in the 10 week selection course. It’s bad for the enlisted men’s morale, many of whom are very young and are looking up to them. Our officer candidates are absolute beasts. I’m sure there have been a few who quit over the years, but I never heard of any.

Another event that illustrates the tension between Germano’s attempt at reform and the pushback from her unit came the same month, when she showed the short film “Throw Like a Girl,” to a group of new Marines. Created for a Procter & Gamble advertisement that was screened during the Super Bowl, the video illustrates how many take the descriptor “like a girl” to mean weak or ineffective. The class then took a hard-edged turn, according to multiple witness statements, when Germano singled out Marines who couldn’t perform three pullups or complete a physical fitness test’s 3-mile run in less than 23 minutes.

Meh. I’m not SUPER crazy about public shaming, but this IS military recruit training. You haven’t proved shit yet. And sometimes, public shaming is the best motivation there is.

Allegations that Germano took a “victim-blaming” approach to sexual assault prevention stem from a January brief to officers. Witnesses said she implied that sexual assault is “100 percent preventable” and that “by drinking, you are putting yourself in a position to be sexually assaulted.” One attendee said she would not feel comfortable reporting an assault following the brief because she felt it would not be taken seriously.

I hate this. Common-sense advice is now “victim-blaming.” If I say, “hey, wear a hard hat at the construction site, or a brick might hit you in the head,” is that “victim-blaming?” “Hey, don’t act like an asshole, because you might get punched in the mouth.” Victim-blaming? Perhaps she worded it crudely, but is there any doubt that by drinking to excess and losing your critical thinking skills, you’re putting yourself in danger? (That goes for men and women, by the way.) Isn’t that the entire message behind drunk-driving campaigns?

Nobody Has a Clue in Iraq, Part 778:

U.S. aircraft are coming back from most combat missions in Iraq without dropping any bombs, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said Tuesday.

“At a similar period in the Afghanistan conflict in 2012, the number of aircraft that returned with their ordnance because there were not targets available on the ground was 83 percent,” Dempsey told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “It’s 65 percent in Iraq right now.”

Dempsey was responding to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who was pressing Dempsey on why he has not recommended to President Obama that the U.S. embed joint terminal attack controllers with Iraqi troops to better coordinate airstrikes.

“The JTACs and the Special Forces observers are not a silver bullet to the destruction of ISIS,” Dempsey said. “The silver bullet is getting the Iraqis to fight.

McSally, a former A-10 pilot, said earlier that she has heard that U.S. pilots have been forced to return to base because they ran low on fuel while waiting for permission to attack a target.

That’s Terrific. Hey, at least it’s not costing us tons of money or anything.

Brace Yourselves:

A Georgia woman went on a drunken rampage after her live-in boyfriend refused to have sex with her, according to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Tabatha Lee Grooms, 35, was arrested in Augusta, Ga., after assaulting her boyfriend and mother in a rage, WFXG reported.

After a night out, Grooms reportedly came home around 11:30 p.m. on June 24 and confronted her boyfriend, 30-year-old Carlos Rodrecus Grace.

Grace reportedly refused her sexual advances earlier in the day.

She told him she “f—-d everyone else because (Grace) would not f–k her,” Sheriff’s Deputy Phillip Clark wrote in his report, obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Ok, are you ready? Nah, you’re not ready. What? Really? (sigh..) Remember, you asked for it:


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