I knew that there had been quite a few Roundups, but I didn’t realize just how many until I went through the archives last night. Yep, it’s official: This is the FIFTIETH time that we’ve brought you the finest news roundup in the world. The best in military, pop culture, and naked news, all condensed for your reading pleasure. It’s been quite a year. A huge thank-you to SOFREP, all of our Facebook commenters, and most of all, our SOFREP members who make this all possible.—BK

Smoke Your Meth Outside, Please:

A man dressed in a clown costume was arrested early Tuesday after Waffle House employees caught him smoking methamphetamine at the counter.

An employee called police about 4:40 a.m. to report the incident, and officers said they arrived and found the beclowned man locked in a bathroom stall, reported the Athens Banner-Herald.

“It was slow that night,” an employee told The Daily Beast. “He was fully dressed as a clown. I couldn’t believe it. But you see some weird stuff in downtown Athens.”

Officers got a key to the restroom from employees and arrested 25-year-old Jacob Worthington, who was wearing a clown suit and admitted to having a knife.

I love how they mentioned it twice in the first couple of paragraphs. “Did we mention he was dressed in a clown costume?” Well done.

Police took the weapon and brought Worthington out to the dining area, where they said he admitted that he had smoked meth from a pipe left sitting on the counter.