Recently, we’ve experienced some staff changes at NEWSREP that resulted in a bit of consternation among readers, which is understandable.  Unfortunately, sometimes decisions have to be made for business purposes.

However, the site has nominally been run with a staff of five-to-seven writers, and this will continue to be the case this month, featuring articles from me, Nick Coffman, Stavros Atlamazoglou, Joe LaFave, and Greg Walker. Longtime NEWSREP writer Alex Hollings will contribute on occasion, but is busy at our sister site, Loadout Room. We’ll also be looking at taking more freelance contributions in the near future.

NEWSREP will continue to do what we do: covering foreign policy, national defense, domestic security, and military affairs. As editor-in-chief, I’ve got eyes on several projects and articles in the works that have me excited, and I think our readers will be keenly interested as well.

Thank you for your continued support—we couldn’t do it without you.