Did you know that You, yes You, are in the middle of a fierce battle right now? The tragic massacre in Newtown, CT was the opening event of what I’m going to name “The Newtown Gun Control Battle of 2012-2013.” Every battle is named for the location of the battle and like all others, this battle is being fought in many domains, yet it started at an elementary school in Newtown, CT. I wouldn’t know how else to name it.

So how are you involved, you ask? Every battle has two opponents who fight for some objective. There are also enablers and people who get caught in the crossfire. Everyone in the United States is either a combatant, enabler, support, or will somehow be affected by this battle. At this point you have a choice of which one to be.

Let’s take a strategic look at how this battle is shaping up so we can make some projections.

Most citizens in the U.S. are disgusted and saddened by the horrific loss of life of our children and teachers, so this is the common ground for everybody. It’s a starting point.