Yesterday many of us were caught off guard when Penguin books announced that they would be releasing a new book called “No Easy Day” on 9/11 that would be authored by a SEAL Team Six operator who was on the objective and participated in the raid.

SOFREP will have more on the ‘No Easy Day‘ story as it develops, but here is some additional information:

  • Written by a former member of Red Team
  • The author was apparently not in the room when Bin Laden was shot however, he was an assault team leader on the raid that killed UBL
  • The author most likely secured a seven figure royalty advance for this book deal.
  • The members of DEV (ST6) are extremely angry about this book and feel betrayed
  • The author may have been on the helicopter that crashed

A DEVGRU Operator on “No Easy Day”

“Its not a secret (the UBL raid) and their mission (is being ) exploited by politics – to be expected, but for one of our own to cash in is simply unprofessional and disrespectful to those that didn’t cash in.” -DEVGRU operator