SOFREP knew who the real author was as soon as the press release hit, but we chose not to disclose his name in order to protecting anyone associated with him. His name is no secret anymore and will forever be pervasive to events associated with the OBL raid.

Real Name: Matt Bissonnette

Born: Alaska

Age: 36

Command History: NSWC Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training, SEAL Team Five and SEAL Team Six (aka Naval Special Warfare {redacted}). Honorably separated (not retired) after fourteen years of service.

Reputation as a Navy SEAL: An Operator’s Operator. Everyone we’ve contacted about the man admittedly found no issue with Bissonnette’s service and reputation as an operator and praised his commitment to the job. Only now are traitorous comparisons being made.

(Read Chapter 4, The Hidden Motive Behind No Easy Day)