Team Room, here’s a note we just got from a reader. It’s fairly typical in that our readers really let their feelings be known – they tell us everything. This one is from Mark, in NYC.

I am a simple NYC Citizen who is patriotic and loves this country. The news the past week of all the scandals has taken over and I believe that the following has been overlooked. I am not blaming one side or the other. I am blaming the whole system for the recent irresponsibility.

As Memorial Day approaches I have a huge issue. In NYC every year we have Fleet week. This is an opportunity for both the Sailors/Marines/Service men and women to come to NYC as a port of call to enjoy the best of what NYC has to offer. It is also a great opportunity for the civilian population of NYC to show support, Thank, and take pride in our Navy and Marine Corp. This year, due to the idiot bureaucrats and the irresponsibility of the government NYC FLEET WEEK 2013 has been cancelled (SEQUESTER). The brave men and women who serve this great nation are missing out on an experience and civilians are missing out on the opportunity to thank the people who give for this country.

I am patriotic (incase you didn’t notice). You can call it hokey or cheesey or make fun of me if you must and it will make you feel better. But, it is shameful that we ask these men and women to give so much of themselves and we as a country can not support them enough to give them an awesome experience to participate in a Memorial Day celebration in New York City. I am extremely disappointed, as I went to the USS WASP last year and had an amazing time meeting the marines and sailors. Having them take the time to show us their home away from home and what they do to protect our way of living. The pride they have for their ships and the service they provide and the pride I had for knowing that we were able to show them how NYC treats the armed forces. It made my weekend.

SO to Congress, Senate, Presidential Cabinet, and most importantly the Commander in Chief, You should all be a shamed of yourselves. Robbing these men and women of this patriotic experience. Due to your lack of action, irresponsibility with OUR Money, all while you have your six figure incomes is a disgrace. All of you have your best interest in mind instead of what is best for the people. Your are more concerned with your legacy and your self worth instead of doing the right thing for this country. All while you have your golden parachutes and high incomes while the people who protect your rights and seats as “public servants” suffer and feel the burden.

So to all of you in Government, enjoy your memorial day weekend holiday at your country clubs and extensive vacations. YOU STOLE A SIMPLE PATRIOTIC PLEASURE FROM THE SERVICE MEN, WOMEN AND THE NEW YORKERS WHO LOOKED FORWARD TO CELEBRATING, HONORING, AND REMEMBERING THEIR SACRIFICES.

Happy Memorial day.

To all who have served and are currently serving, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are why this country is great.

– Mark

(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDS)