After years of posturing and months of increasing tensions around the Korean peninsula, North Korea indicated on Wednesday that they may be willing to budge on their policy of continued nuclear weapons development under U.S. and international sanctions.

In an interview for Indian television station WION, North Korea’s ambassador to India, Kye Chun Yong, indicated that North Korea’s Supreme Leader “is willing to talk” about the possibility of declaring a moratorium on any further nuclear weapons or ballistic missile tests, though there are, of course, some serious caveats to Kim’s apparent change of heart.

“Under certain circumstances, we are willing to talk in terms of the freezing of nuclear testing and missile testing,” Kye Chun Yong said during the interview.

The ambassador went on to claim that the North Korean government is prepared to commence talks with the United States at any time, though he noted that their willingness to meet does not mean they’re willing to meet any of Washington’s “preconditions” for such a negotiation.  As is in keeping with North Korea’s foreign policy standard, Kye instead demanded the United States meet their requirements in order to facilitate the meeting.