0200 hours GMT Bagram Air Base Afghanistan mission brief, March 2003.

The smell of burning shit from the diesel latrine fires hung in the air. Walking out of the AC it hit you like the hot African sun and gave you a hangover-like headache. For all the advancements in defense technology, some things saw no innovation. There is just nothing sexy about digging holes in the ground to shit and piss, or maybe it was the KISS rule. Either way, nasty business, and no tech industry disruption here.

The “Agency” (CIA) had new information for the Tactical Operations Center (TOC).

There was a healthy distrust of anything the Clowns In Action had to say to the military. To be fair, most in the CIA were extremely smart civilians hired from industry but most think their military counterparts still swing from branches in the jungle.

Mutual distrust and disdain led to a lack of intelligence-sharing which was a major reason that 9/11 happened in plain view.

All the signs were there but nobody was willing to share intelligence. The fall of the twin towers in New York was a rare occasion that brought the military and alphabet agencies together in harmony. But they soon fell out of tune and we ended up with careerism and information moats. Benghazi, Libya 2021 comes to mind.

The SEAL platoon commander, “Wedge” briefed his team on the night’s hit.

Intel came in that a known Taliban leader, a real nasty fucker named, Ghani Bardhar was in the area.