My agent Margret McBride was wise enough to carve out the audio book rights as our own.

Audio Ambush

MacMillan Audio actually produced the book without our knowledge and then tried to negotiate a deal with me after-the-fact. They spent some serious money hiring an actor to read the book and had actually sold pre-orders!

The fact is that not a lot of publishers do an audio book unless they think it will sell and then the harsh truth is that the author rarely makes anything on the book once multiple royalty streams are put in place, rarely does anything trickle down to the author.

Bottom line is that I told them to pound sand after they offered me next to nothing and scoffed at the idea that I’d do it myself.  “How are you going to do this?”….

Don’t ever tell a SOF guy that he can’t do something or you’re bound to eat your words.

So please let me introduce The Red Circle Audio Book.

This was a collaboration with TAO Creative Studios in Los Angeles and read by John Bailey.