If you read some of the leading news agency articles on President Obama’s recent official visit to India, you might be forgiven for thinking that the point of it all was to model Michelle Obama’s latest wardrobe choices, or to celebrate a ‘bromance’ between the U.S. president and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After all, given such biting analytical headlines as CNN’s “‘Namaste, Obama!’ Postcards from the Presidential India Trip,” and The Washington Post’s “How Modi Dressed Better than Michelle, and other Highlights of Obama’s India Trip,” how could you not come away enlightened?

Jumping on the ridiculous headline bandwagon with this piece, which argues that the United States would be smart to court an alliance with India as part of an overall reassessment of American grand strategy for the 21st century, this author cannot help but hope that the above ludicrous banner might snag a few errant clicks from those looking for (further) evidence of the current U.S. president’s illegitimacy. And no, President Obama is not a Hindu, but since you are here….

The ostensible reason for the president’s (second) trip to India was to attend the latter’s Republic Day celebration, which commemorates India’s adoption of its constitution. Obama was also visiting India to demonstrate U.S. commitment to a strategic friendship centered on fostering economic ties and democratic ideals, and to work through various hang-ups within the implementation of the nuclear deal struck during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Why does this matter? Was this just another official visit by the U.S. president to a relatively unimportant Asian nation, with ho hum bits of rather meaningless pageantry thrown in? Hardly.