If we were casting for a Star Wars redux movie, Obama would be my pick for Vader, and JSOC would be his Death Star. He’d be perfect to lead us from the American Galactic Republic to the American Galactic Empire, where everyone lives in fear of reprisal at home and abroad. Public citizens emails and cell calls being stored away for future just-in-case-use and the good investigative journalists awakened in the night with threatening callers. I consider myself a part time journalist, and have had one such call myself during our investigative push into Benghazi.

Obama supporters cannot shirk away from the fact that he has killed more people than Bush in the Global War on Terror. To be fair, both Presidents have killed their way through target decks without any thought towards the long game of radical ideological prevention and stability as the end game. Obama inherited Bush’s war machine, but instead of holding it at bay, he’s unleashed it without reserve much to the shock and dismay of “Bama loyalists”.

Their combined efforts have created instability in the Middle East and North Africa on a scale previously unseen. The world is more dangerous today than it was on September 11th, 2001, and as Jeremy Scahill points out in Dirty Wars, “The World is A Battlefield.”

In hindsight, President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize seems more like a “dare” for peace by the Nobel Committee of five. We know now that he didn’t take the dare, and I’d like to see the looks on committee member’s faces, now that his prize is covered in the blood of the thousands of people official government reports call “collateral damage” to de-humanize the dead. The numbers don’t lie: 575 US troops died under Bush in Afghanistan, and over 1500 under Obama. The drone stats are very similar.

“I’ve been on dozens of video teleconference calls with the President, and when it comes to kill or capture, Obama says kill nearly every time.” -Former JSOC Operative

While I respect a Commander-in-Chief who can make hard life-or-death decisions, if we want to kill our way to peace then I suggest breaking out the nukes and just getting it over with. “Turn sand into glass,” I say. It works, totally dominate the enemy into submission like we did in the second World War with Japan. Game. Set. Match.

However, in today’s political climate, excluding Israel, a nuclear solution would make more long-term enemies for the US.  As a global society I believe we are striving to be better human beings when it comes to weapons of mass destruction.

So what do we do? We are faced with the reality that we are fighting a global war against a radical ideology that has no borders or rule books. We do need Special Operations Forces (SOF) for this kind of fight, and we need SOF allies, America can’t win this one alone, and we shouldn’t have to. Radical Jihad affects every free society on the planet.