I don’t speak for the SEAL community, I’m just one member, and this is my opinion only.

The Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community has been propelled into the international spotlight by political grandstanding and our own community’s leadership, who have a long history of cooperating with Hollywood directors and celebrities. I believe the proximity of Coronado, CA to Hollywood has probably played a significant role in all the attention. Would you rather visit Ft. Bragg, NC, or Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, CA? An easy decision to make for most, especially those with a production budget to consider.

All the attention has opened up opportunities to the SEAL community across industries, technical advising with movie studios, video game consulting, acting, writing, training schools, shooting ranges, real estate, financial planning, and more. The SEAL “brand” has created automatic trust – blind trust – in people, and this is not necessarily a good thing. Like any high-profile professional community (look at professional sports), NSW is not immune from a few bad apples or major fuckups. People would be wise to check professional references.

This newfound status is a media minefield. NSW is no longer a private community and that is a painful reality for many of the guys I know or have an association with in the SEAL fraternity. It’s a SEAL goldrush with journalists, the entertainment industry, tactical industry, and others on a mad dash to cash in, with no real regard for the community’s health and welfare in the long-term.