(Dedicated to Mr. Henry Smith)

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For two days now, the tasks seemed so mindless, always a point reconnaissance of sorts to gather information. I earnestly hoped they would ask for my reports soon, so I could rid myself of the onus of all of this damning evidence I had. I couldn’t memorize it all, so I had it written down and hidden. Here’s how I solved the problem of safely absconding the reports (key spy music):

My room was a danger area because ‘they’ could always roust me as they had done before. It is for that reason that you NEVER keep compromising material in your room. I wrote my reports in my room one page at a time. I tore a sheet from my notebook and laid it to write on a sheet of glass so there would be no writing imprint on the following notebook page.

I took a Chapstick dispenser, broke off most of the stick, and unscrewed the dispenser base from the stem. I stuffed the tiny folded report pages, with the even tinier writing, down into the dispenser tube, then replaced the dispenser base back down onto the stem. I made sure to rub some stick on my lips so it looked genuinely used and snapped the cap back on.