Women and men are becoming more integrated across the Department of Defense (DoD), particularly in the regular infantry, which is a reversal of the traditional structure throughout the U.S. military’s history.

Women can do amazing things. They have graduated from Ranger School; passed the excruciating Marine Corps Basic Reconnaissance Course; and now graduated from the SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection (SOAS) program. Not only did they do it, but they excelled in many areas proving that they have what it takes physically and mentally to pass every obstacle in their way.

Not for one moment do I take issue with a female servicemember having the courage and ability to take on such a challenge. Those who tried have attempted something that I never did myself.

Where I do take issue with women being allowed to join the ranks of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) — and direct combat jobs in general — is the significance beyond the accomplishment. Aside from the individual achievement, how does it make the Armed Forces more efficient and effective?