I cannot believe it is 2017 and I am having to write this opinion piece, but it seems that it is needed.  There will be no mincing of words here: the white supremacists, neo-Nazis, neofascists, and white nationalists who collectively marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th, 2017, under the “Unite the Right” banner are a vile, despicable, and shameful part of American culture. 

I only wish there was no place for them here, but alas there is, and has been for a very long time.  In a country with constitutionally-mandated free speech and free assembly rights, they are an inevitable result, as ideologies that refuse to die (along with communism, by the way).  It is what it is, and these sickening specimens of human garbage should be allowed to spew their putrid hatred as long as they do so in a non-violent way.

Now that we have established that they have the right to exist and speak, however, let us shine a bright light on these worthless leeches, and see them for what they are.  They are desperate, lonely, pathetic, and sad men (mostly), who see themselves as victims because they fear that other (non-white) races are usurping “their” country.  It has always been theirs, as far as they are concerned, including when Irish Catholics started arriving in large numbers in the 19th century, and were also shunned and hated. 

The Irish, you see, were not “natives,” nor did they practice the correct religion.  For that, they were crapped on by white nativists at the time.  Today, hispanic immigrants take most of the heat.  We do not even have to go into the Native Americans or African-Americans.  You see, the shit keeps getting dumped out the window, and it just falls on different groups at different times.  Some get it worse than others, through institutionalized oppression, while others get away with only minor bouts of cultural assault.  Regardless, it is sadly nothing new.

The unsophisticated, cowardly, and backward-thinking slugs of the far right think that they can decide who belongs in “their” country, and who does not.  They think that they have a right to be the masters of the “weaker” races.  They see themselves, and America, as under some kind of cultural and racial attack.  Meanwhile, the rest of us just wish they would crawl back under their steaming piles of shit, and decompose back into the soil they so fervently cherish.

“But Fru,” some of you are going to say, “should you not also have to write something similar railing against Antifa, BLM, the anarchists, and all the rest of the far left?”  No.  No, I do not have to do that.  I can condemn whoever the hell I want to in my own column space, and those groups, though sometimes violent, do not look at one race of people as the rightful owners of this country.  They might hate capitalism, fascism, police brutality, conservatives, organized government, or whatever else, but that does not make them even half as disgusting as white supremacists and white nationalists who would keep their thumb on entire racial groups of Americans.

Let me state, though, to be as clear as possible: I condemn communism as a failed governing and economic system, not to mention the untold millions who have died under its terrible yoke.  That is an important point to make.  That is a standalone proclamation.  If you want to impose communism on my country, and kill my citizens, then I will line up to fight you with everything I have.

The same goes for neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, neofascists, and any from the far right who would try to impose on the rest of us, a bankrupt and morally corrupt system.  The great majority of us vehemently despise you, and we do not want you here.  You do not represent us.  You are not saving us from anything.  You are not what is good or decent about America.  You are the genital warts on America’s taint.  We would all be much better off if we could surgically excise you.

Hopefully I have made myself clear.

Featured image of Richard B. Spencer courtesy of Twitter.