Editor’s Note:  What follows is an op-ed piece submitted to us by US Navy veteran and Ops Director for Veterans For America First, Chad Caton. It is presented here unedited. The views expressed in this piece are his own. We thank Chad for his contribution. — GDM

Crisis at the Border? That is putting it mildly.


It’s time to quit expecting this administration to do anything to save our country from the invasion at our southern border. We have listened to this administration admit there are “some” issues at the border but they have done nothing to curb the influx of illegals crossing over. The question we should all be asking is what is the threshold? How many do they intend on taking in and at what cost?


In 2023, there were an estimated 670,000 “Got Aways” that entered the United States without apprehension, and nearly 5,000 “Give Ups” (those who intentionally seek apprehension) per day are being captured, processed and then released into our country…. by our own border patrol!  So, are they vetted? How can they be??