Fears continue to mount in eastern Ukraine as the country nears all-out war with Russia. Reports show that Russia has prepared a large strike force on the border of Ukraine. Some would claim this is a frozen war, as all attempts at resolving the conflict with diplomacy have failed. Since the start of this year, Europe and the U.S. have paid close attention to the war in Ukraine. The conflict, which began in 2014, has claimed 13,000 lives and 28,000 wounded. Ukraine continues to struggle to get free from the Russian presence in their country.

“We must fight [for the Ukrainian people] and we must win,” said the Commander of Ukraine’s Joint Forces Serhiy Nayev in a recent press conference. He noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces could reclaim the Donbass region. When asked if he thought Ukraine was ready for an offensive to recover Russian-occupied territories in Donbass, he answered, “I wouldn’t be a commander and my subordinates wouldn’t be soldiers of the Joint Forces if we were not ready for all forms and methods that combat suggests in general.”

Many commanders in Ukraine believe Russia is preparing an assault group along its borders. A buildup of regular units and special operations units will serve as the base for the Kremlin’s forthcoming invasion of Donbass.

Operation Sickle and Hammer: Ukraine prepares to take back Donbass